Memo to Dems: language matters

They've tried to kill SS for 50 years.

I’m listening to Obama’s press conference right now and getting a bit frustrated. If I could whisper in his ear, I’d tell him:

Don’t say  “I think this is what the American people want”.  Say “This is what the American people want.”

Don’t use the future tense, as “I”m willing to move in their direction”, be firm and say “We’ve already moved in their direction”

Dont’ say ‘entitlements’: We didn’t use to call SS and Medicare ‘entitlements’, because they were shared programs and everyone paid in; then 20 years ago the GOP carefully – and very successfully – injected that word into the mainstream.  And your Democrats? What did they do? Why they just went along and today you’re up there reading from their script, calling the social contract with the American people ‘entitlements’.

OMG! Fair and balanced? Do you know that’s FOX News logo?

And really, Mr. President, you keep referring to ‘raising taxes’. How about “its time to  remove outdated corporate entitlements but not starting until 2013. And for the very richest Americans, we’re asking them to pay Clinton-era marginal rates. That is all. Those rates are already historically low.” But he keeps using the words ‘raising taxes’. Even when you say you’re not doing it, phrase it differently!

Language matters, Mr. President. Language matters.

12 responses to “Memo to Dems: language matters

  1. Guess you still have some hope for the guy, Moe. I sure hope you’re right…


  2. Obama seems to be good at talking out of both sides of his mouth. He just doesn’t seem to have the spine to tell the people this is what its going to be, what we have to do. As for the Democrats, outside of Bernie Sanders of Vermont, they’re seem to be just as bad as the Republicans, and don’t really seem to care about what’s going on. You know the damn lobbyists are somewhat behind it, not to mention the Koch Bros., Grover Norquist and others.


  3. And for the very richest Americans, we’re asking them to pay

    Okay, so I get that we need to bring in more money AND spend less. If my household were over-budget, those two things would be the discussion.

    My question to the Left is this:

    At what rate would you have to tax “the rich” before it began to meaningfully impact the deficit?


  4. Your point is perfectly right.


  5. Wasn’t able to hear the press conference but certainly share your concern. Obama seems to really struggle with doing anything but straddling the middle of positions ending up frustrating his base and enraging his opponents all at the same time. And leaving folks in the middle to feel he just doesn’t know what he is doing. Clinton defined himself in moments like this in a way that helped most people to understand he was willing to fight over certain issues. I’m just not sensing that from Obama. Hope it changes. But right now I don’t have confidence that he will orchestrate a deal that doesn’t end up hurting the most vulnerable people in our society like those living with disabilities.


  6. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

    — Jimi Hendrix


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  8. Don ,

    ” Obama seems to be good at talking out of both sides of his mouth. ”

    First time you noticed , huh ? 🙂

    Raising taxes on the rich will not fix entitlements . By the way, who is rich ?


  9. My post can be directed at all Democrats, although I made it Obama specific cuz I was listening to him.

    Democrats do an awful job delivering the message. Hell, we do a terrible job articulating the message.

    Ask what the Republicans stand for the answer comes immediately: smaller government, lower taxes, strong military.

    Ask what the Democrats stand for and . . . and you get “well, it’s complicated”.

    Bad message delivery.

    I’m not hopeful about the outcome – even if we avoid the defaut, what’s next?

    I guess we all just keep cooperating in the destruction of the middle class and abandonment of the poor and needy among us.


  10. To Don: Bernie is not a Democrat.


  11. Moe, he needs you to write speeches for him. You’re absolutely right, I cringe every time I hear the words he uses.


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