Youtube kitteh wars are over. Everyone else go home.

Ed sent this.

7 responses to “Youtube kitteh wars are over. Everyone else go home.

  1. Now if it had made a pie from those apples I would have been impressed and don’t get me started on that hideous bedspread.


  2. Ms. Holland ,

    I just spent a week in a cabin in the Pennsylvania woods with six people and my daughter’s cat . I could have shot as good footage of that cat stalking live bugs . Just don’t carry a camera everywhere I go . I could have gotten even better footage of a black bear at the end of my son in law’s driveway . But that is a cute kitten in the video . Very short ears for a cat .


    • Alan, you see those ears on ‘eastern’ cats – Asia, Russia etc. If you ever watch Japanese cat videos on youtube, they all have those funny stubby little ears.

      A black bear????? !!!!


  3. The move at 1:10 where kitty launches an aerial attack, leaping over the enemy and striking from above, was impressive…if we had a cloned army of this critter, we could bring all our other troops home…


  4. Ms. Holland ,

    I used to see a black bear once every ten years . Now I’ve seen two within a month at locations a hundred miles apart. Our game commission wanted to increase the population ,,, and they have succeeded . It is a treat to see them, unless they are in your garbage or bending your steel bird feeder into a pretzel. But at least we don’t have alligators , like you have .

    I was unfamiliar with eastern cats, I’m ashamed to say . My trivia knowledge base should have covered that .


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