Beyond spin, way beyond spin. Could this be contagious?

You will be forgiven for thinking this is satire, a smooth cut and paste job. In fact, it’s real – from the BBC.  I’m a bit surprised that the interviewer didn’t call him out.

Ed Miliband is the current head of the Labor Party in Britain (which means he could become Prime Minister! gasp!). Watch him reply to every single question with the exact same answer.

6 responses to “Beyond spin, way beyond spin. Could this be contagious?



  2. Reminds me of a recent George Pataki interview.


  3. Who cares about substance, just love the accent. If we hadn’t started that trouble in 1776 we could all sound like that, even Al Sarpton. Speaking of which, have you seen him trying to fill in for Cenk Unger? What were they tihinking?


    • What are they thinking any time they bring him on. The guy has no credentials except being a celebrity for being a celebrity (can we all say Tamara Brawly(?)). I’m with you. He’s terrible.


  4. I especially like the way he has a perfectly straight face all along. Like he’s saying something new and inspiring for each question!

    And one of my first thoughts was this – that the press is mostly to blame for this nonsense. They edit and cut beyond recognition – so thus they are treated with equal disrespect.

    And the result here? He got the message through. And he comes across as a secure and professional politician. A bit silly, but he doesn’t care about the journalist. Many probably like that.


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