Thick and thin, we managed . . .

This is an old favorite of mine and I’ve posted it before. It doesn’t thrill me quite as much as when I last put it up, but it’s a terrific reminder that the political world we inhabit isn’t unique to our time. These guys had their demagogues and vicious attackers. Hell, we killed a few of them. They were pretty much all attacked for destroying the country. But thick and thin. . .

3 responses to “Thick and thin, we managed . . .

  1. Times seem hard. The one thing I fall back on to be hopeful, is that I recall times that seemed just as difficult or more so. It’s an advantage of not being young any more by most anystandards (maybe relative to Strom Thurmond, but he alas is dead). Three weeks ago or so I watched “On the Beach”.

    Good movie, but what a downer!!

    You forget how afraid we were of the big one being dropped, really not so long ago.

    These times will pass too, to be followed by more challenges, at least till the sun goes out.


  2. For the interested reader, On the Beach is the story of a few people who survive an all out nuclear war in Australia, but expect the radiation to get them all within months. It does get them. There’s nothing to suggest a reason for hope at the end at all.


    • Neville Shute wrote that book. The movie – for some perverse reason – is one of my favorites. I must have a strange attraction to apocalyse!

      The thing I like about this video is it reminds me that we’ve managed to regularly elect presidents as intended, as designed, every four years without a single interruption – and for 235 years. Quite an acheivement.


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