Shares a name

I was just at Whatever Works – yup, there is a blog sharing my name at Blogger. I got there while googling to see if either or was available. They weren’t. (The first is a pest control company!)

I tried to leave a comment for the proprietor but failed. This has happened before with Blogger; it seems to resist comments – from me anyway.  Can’t sign in via WordPress (refuses my URL). Can’t sign in via my Google account either.

So I shall link to the blog here. And hope she stops by so we can get acquainted.

6 responses to “Shares a name

  1. Friggin Blogger. I hate it. I also have a hard time commenting on the damn thing, so I just get frustrated and don’t go there.


    • There’s a blog I used to visit a lot – a young woman. She moved to blogger and I tried and tried but never could get through. It’s been so long now I’ve forgotten the name of the blog.

      Nice to know Blogger is not picking on just me.


  2. He, he, he…..If I don’t use my main computer to get to you Moe I go to the Whateverworks equipment site…..


  3. The more we do this…..

    The more it sometimes drives us crazy!

    Press on…
    And try to think outside the box….
    On the ent there are always 5 different ways to do things….


    • james, there are five different ways to do most things – the problems come when someone thinks everyone else should do it their way. 🙂


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