Freedom, brought to you by our corporate sponsors

Worth remembering: Mastercard and PayPal refused to process donations to Wikileaks – because, I assume, the US government asked them to. It was blatantly anti-democratic and it was barely examined by the media, who have mostly abandoned the role envisioned for them when the First Amendment was written.

Speak Truth to Power

h/t Don in Mass

Happy Fourth bobbleheads.

16 responses to “Freedom, brought to you by our corporate sponsors

  1. Howdy Moe. Did you see this that I wrote about local politics?

    Let’s all join The Colbert SuperPAC!


  2. Yea……. Meanwhile what’s the story with the Swedish charges?

    And he better add another upcoming bill…..
    The fight to not be sent to the US…..
    That’s gonna arrive sooner or later….


    • I don’t know james, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the issue of wikileaks as far as I know. The push for extradition to Sweden (who will, as you say, send him to US) is a bit intense for a crime not even charged yet. Wonder why.


  3. Moe
    Great video by wikiLeaks and completely true.
    “Meanwhile what’s the story with the Swedish charges?”
    We all know how our bad-boys work to hush disparate truths beyond our borders, and make them appear untrue in the name of American Hegemony. after-all we have no faults if no one knows about them. Do we?


    • Hi hlgaskins – not too long ago, I would read ‘bad boys’ to mean the CIA et al, but these days they pale in comparison to what our global corporatists can pull off.


  4. Moe….

    Didn’t this guy say he had the good on Bank of America?
    THAT didn’t happen did it?
    I wonder why not?

    I posted over at the Dog…..
    Wikileaks actually did the US a favor by exposing the fact that this country classifies entirely TOO much stuff….

    But I get the impression that Mr. Assunge didn’t do all his deeds just to ‘liberate’……
    I still remember the part from him about wanting to do harm to the US…..

    As the posted states above….
    We remember what we want…
    We forget other things……

    The good thing is….
    In the end the Wikileaks ….Leaks
    turned out to be a blip…..

    Assange on the other hand will have to sleep with one eye open for a ……


  5. sorry….had the goods……


  6. “Hi hlgaskins – not too long ago, I would read ‘bad boys’ to mean the CIA et al, but these days they pale in comparison to what our global corporatists can pull off.”

    What if the CIA is being directed by our “global corporatists?” I suspect there are fewer separations of world power than we all think. We’re all reduced to voting for the “lesser of evils” just to reason out a semblance of egalitarianism. Unedited Wikileaks even in its uncertainty is better than the pablum we’re all fed, because we can read and decide for ourselves what is true.
    “If I had to choose between government and a free press, I would choose a free press.” Thomas Jefferson


    • Thanks for reminding me of that Jefferson quote hlgaskins. I’m adding it to my ‘quotes’ page.


    • While soldiers fight for elvis knows what, I think the greatest threat to the nation is our creep toward a corporatist state. I don’t think it’s too late, but pretty soon, unchecked, it will be. Can we check it? I dont see how – the Supreme court is certainly not on the right side.


  7. higaskins……you have just pointed at the beauty of the net’


  8. I am writing a thesis with the hope that it will be applied to better the world we live in. This thesis is on Public Trust in the Media, WikiLeaks, and the Government and need to know what your opinions are. The online survey is anonymous, multiple choice and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please follow the link:​ILLLML_9669e09d. Would be great if you would encourage others to do the survey also.


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