Minnesota government shut-down a dress rehearsal?

Is shutting down government part of the GOP platform now? Perhaps, because it worked so well in the past.

Talks imploded Thursday between DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders in the final hours before a midnight deadline, and Minnesota began a historic government shutdown.

“This is a night of deep sorrow for me,” Dayton said in an address at 10 p.m. that was punctuated by jeers and hisses from Republicans, including some lawmakers.

The governor said his last offer would have raised income taxes only on those earning more than $1 million a year — an estimated 7,700 Minnesotans, or 0.3 percent of all taxpayers, according to the Revenue Department.

It’s the same argument we’re hearing nationally with the same rancor and obstruction..

Talks may have also broken down because an earlier GOP offer asked Dayton to accept controversial policy positions the Republicans pushed for this year, including photo ID requirements at the polls and abortion restrictions. An offer sheet provided to the Star Tribune said the policy adoptions were in exchange for “new revenue in a compromise offer.”

Oh. Of course.

9 responses to “Minnesota government shut-down a dress rehearsal?

  1. It could very well be a dress rehearsal. And it sounds like the Republican clowns have been schooled by the cowardly Koch Brothers, who are for this kind of bull shit.


  2. Why the feck do so many poor white people continue to vote against their own best interests, again and again.
    Never mind, it’s another rhetorical question.
    We know why, don’t we Rush and Glenn?

    On a bright note, get out the support for the Colbert Super PAC!


    • I hear a lot of liberal groups are worried about ‘doors opened’ by the ruling in favor of SuperPAC (our motto: A better tomorrow, tomorrow). But I think ole Steven is just the guy to bring the abuses to light through his own activity.

      Scorn is one powerful weapon.


      • I’m on board for SuperPAC. I just want to see what Colbert will/can do with it. While we laugh at the jokes and make humor of current politics through him, he also is great at showing the flaws and dumbassery going on within the government. It is almost sad to say, but sometimes you get less spin and BS from him and Jon Stewart than you do on a real news channel.


    • Sekanblogger,

      I agree with your point, fear and ignorance is a hell of a voting tool in the hands of people who know how to use them. Limbaugh uses fear as his primary weapon to motivate voters. What amazes me is that voters have more tools at their fingertips to find out facts on their own about politicians than ever before and still we can let a fatass behind a microphone scare his listeners to vote how he wants them to.


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