Making Florida safe for Democrats again

My governor, Rick Scott, is hitting new lows in approval and has gone from 22% disapproval to 57% in just six months. Good work gov. Brings to mind some oldies but goodies. My favorite line? “I’m not sure what ‘market’ means.”

For those who don’t know, Columbia HCA, founded by Scott and of which he was the CEO, had to pay the largest civil criminal fine in US history for massive Medicare fraud.

10 responses to “Making Florida safe for Democrats again

  1. Item number on on his amazon wishlist:Webster’s Dictionary.


  2. I have known about Columbia HCA’s Medicare fraud and I’ve despaired for America. Are there really so many of us who don’t read, don’t even try to keep up, so utterly fail to think and vote discriminately that a bottom feeder like Scott can be considered a savior to a state full of Medicare recipients? We don’t seem to notice what a candidate’s been up to in the past, only what they’re promising in the present.

    It shocked me that one of our local docs who suddenly shut down when the SC HHS vans pulled up to the back door and started hauling his Medicare patient charts off for closer scrutiny just headed south to Florida and opened up practice all over again, but, on second thought, it figures.


  3. What does “process” mean?

    Uuuuhm… what does “does” mean? what does “mean” mean? what is “what”? I don’t understand any words! All unintelligible incoherent sounds!


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  6. Moe I just did a piece on the same thing…..

    Maybe Gov Scott can guarantte another Fla win for Obama!


  7. Hope they can step up…..


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