Reggie does Obama

There were a few stories around last week about the Obama impersonator at an RNC event who was pulled off stage for apparently making racist jokes. I read a few of the jokes and didnt find them at all racist and now I know why the disconnect: the guy was actually pulled offstage when he started to talk about Michelle Bachmann.

Anyway, Bill Mahar had him on. He’s good. And he’s funny.

14 responses to “Reggie does Obama

  1. and he’s doing his schtick for EVERYBODY….

    Not JUST GOPer’s intent upon laughing at the you know waht aspect of Obama…..


  2. It’s ok to call him a Muslim on Bill Maher’s show . What if Republicans had let him finish ? You mean you guys would not have gone ballistic with the Muslim joke ? Like suddenly you guys can take it ?


    • That joke was funny wherever he told it. Laughing at it is kind of like Democrat ‘self deprecating’ humor. Anyway, funny but you don’t sound like you laughed at all Alan.


  3. Ms. Holland ,

    Actually I thought the guy was great . Again, you think it is funny because the great Bill Maher okayed it . It is now self deprecating .

    I would bet any amount of money if we could go back in Mr. Peabody’s wayback machine and allow Mr. Brown to finish his act in front of the Republicans, you and Bill would now be calling the Republicans racists and saying they called our President a Muslim, , , again .

    Any amount of money .


  4. If this was what Brown planned to say, it was a definite overreaction by Repubs.

    I think the most recent Dem equivalent of this was Seth Meyers at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Myers roasted the Republicans, especially Donald Trump, but then he chastised Obama (in attendance) for not living up to his promise, plus a few other zingers. Obama just nodded ruefully.


    • There have been some memorable ones at the Correspondent’s Dinner. Don Imus did the Clintons and it was embarrassing. People were squirming. But the most memorable one for me was Stephen Colbert who used hte dinner to eviscerate the press. He laid into Bush also, but man oh man did he go after the press. It was brilliant and important and that time they were REALLY squirming. And they couldn’t look at each other. It was like an intervention by surprise. I must go find hte video and mark it for future viewing.


    • I saw Meyers bit this year – he was good.


  5. Vern R. Kaine

    I watch Maher regularly and thought “well done” for bringing him on and having him finish the rest of his act. I thought it was funny, and I thought he was great. The Republicans were being a bunch of wussy babies for cutting his mike.

    If they don’t have thick enough skin to poke fun at themselves then they don’t deserve to be our leader(s).


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