Wow. Look what my hometown did last night

The Empire State Building knows how to celebrate

7 responses to “Wow. Look what my hometown did last night

  1. I knew they changed the light colors. So cool, rainbow!


  2. I loved this picture!


  3. And they had that building lit in about half an hour after the news came in! I’m sure they had it preprogrammed just in case, but still. Well done.


  4. I’ve been to NYC once in ’89. I recall that the tower was light in red and green, so are the colors varied frequently???


    • bruce – the building changes its colors all the time – for holidays and for special events. An economist convention? Hey, why not! Hope you had a good time!


  5. Oh I should say when I was there was between xmas and new year’s. It was an economist convention, if you can picture that.


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