Citibank brings you the new Army uniform! (and how I wish I knew how to photoshop)

So many to choose from

Think of the revenues! Just like NASCAR and so many others do, how about we slap corporate logos all over our military uniforms, our tanks, copters and airplanes?  Golden Arches on a tank would attract an enemy longing for a Happy Meal (fooled ya!). BP’s green logo would look snappy on those camo getups. Endless opportunities for serendipity.

Why not? The free market is our god and the corporation is his prophet; we ought to be spreading the word.

Speaking of our corporate overlords: Did you know that AT&T and Comcast are the largest purveyors of online pornography in the country? I got that from Chris Hedges’ book “Empire of Illusion” (no linkee to text), so here’s a link to the online story in The Baptist Standard.

So much to be proud of.

3 responses to “Citibank brings you the new Army uniform! (and how I wish I knew how to photoshop)

  1. Probably wouldn’t sell with the Pentagon because it would make the soldiers and their equipment easily seen targets.


  2. And the cash could flow both ways…corporations could rake in big bucks selling authentic action figures (soldiers, attack vehicles, perfectly scaled predator drones, even terrorists with IEDs) at point of sale outlets all over the US…I think you’ve really hit on something, Moe…once you start thinking about the movie tie-ins, the sky’s the limit…


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