Fox Still Misrepresenting NLRB’s Case Against Boeing


From Media Matters:

Fox News has repeatedly suggested that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is engaging in unlawful or “anti-American” activity by filing a complaint against Boeing for deciding to build a new plant in the “right to work” state of South Carolina. But the NLRB complaint alleges that Boeing moved to South Carolina in retaliation for union workers’ decision to strike, and experts say that allegations in the case represent an “absolutely standard violation” of federal labor law.

The article also points to falsehoods about the story in another Rupert Murdoch propaganda mill, the Wall Street Journal.

18 responses to “Fox Still Misrepresenting NLRB’s Case Against Boeing

  1. Boeing has a right to protect there interests in the face of selfish “me me me” employees.


  2. I’m only familiar with this from one NPR story.

    My initial take was that it seems like the NLRB creating a backdoor control of where companies locate.

    How has Fox reported it??


  3. UnRepublican ,

    Maybe you could inform me as to whether the NLRB has ever filed a similar complaint against an American company building a plant in the US previously ? For that matter , why hasn’t it filed complaints against any American companies building plants abroad ?


    • I really would not know about that, Alan.

      What I do know is that Boeing is not threatening free enterprise as your media dim-wits such as the wall street journal claim – but rather practicing it.

      Unions are bad for America. Useful in the early days in that it kept the big-wigs from running away with it all – but n0w your unions are the ones on the take.


  4. get your facts straight guys. the NLRB complaint was filed wrongly. Boeing did not move any jobs (retalliation) only expanded to SC. The Sc plant was union at the start and the WORKERS voted them out because they felt the unuion did not have their best interests in mind, but the unions interests. that is when the complaint was filed.


    • The question is, did Boeing break the law? By stating publicly that it was moving production away from Washington because its workers there previously went on strike and could go on strike again in the future, Boeing admitted to illegal activity. So Fox calling the NLRB action unlawful or “anti-American” is absurd.


    • Shane, It’s not about whether unions are good or bad. As ojmo says, it’s about the law and did Boeing break it.


  5. Ms. Holland , and Ojmo,

    Please cite the statute that Boeing violated ?


  6. Ojmo ,

    ” By stating publicly that it was moving production away from Washington because its workers there previously went on strike and could go on strike again in the future, Boeing admitted to illegal activity. ”

    That’s what you liberals would love to ” stretch ” the law to mean . It is truly amazing the way you guys can do that once you get liberal Commisars in the NLRB and on the courts .

    But I predict that after spending a fortune on legal fees Boeing will prevail . However , you guys will have won your point . This really is not about Boeing . This is a shot across the bows of other less politically connected and less wealthy companies , from the Obama regime . It is also another reason that private companies are afraid to invest in America . Why after Obama wasting $ trillions , the economy still sucks .

    You just never know what government agency President Barak is going to attack you with . This kind of stuff does matter . Remember that the next time you blame Republicans for anything .


  7. Alan, I see you’re still blaming hte little guy for all the ills of the economy. It’s workers who are making companies build their plants offshore and it was homeowners who brought down the economy. It was you and me. Okay. We’ve been way out of line wanting a decent living wage and expecting honest dealings from those holding our mortgages.


  8. Ms. Holland ,

    You know I just love the way your mind works . The little guy . First off , I know someone who works for Boeing . I only wish I made half of what the little guy makes .

    Second of all , since your hero, yes he is, yes we can , since your hero Barak Obama seized power in Washington he has done exactly what you wanted . He is getting even with all of the people who have wronged the little guy . It does not matter how much damage President Obama does to the American economy , as long as you guys get your pound of flesh .

    Now I hear that Barak using one of his favorite tools for destruction , the NLRB , and you being a former Catholic will truly appreciate this , he is attacking Catholic colleges for not being Catholic enough . Which means they are subject to unions . If it were not so sad it would be hilarious .

    I wonder who he will attack next .


  9. Alan,

    On this issue and sometimes others, I agree with you on the substance. I’m not comfortable with the NLRB basic becoming a plant siting approval agency. Even if the law suggest they have this power, then I think the law should be modified or clarified to make clear that siting isn’t for the convenience of unions. If the unions want to try to organize the new plant, under elections sanctioned by the NLRB, they should and do have that right.

    That said, I’d find your posts more persuasive if you focused more on the issue and did not throw in lines like: “since your hero Barack Obama seized power in Washington”. I have no idea what you mean. Like him or not, I don’t see how his election was somehow illegal.

    I’m arguably a swing voter. I voted for Obama in 2008, to a large degree because I thought McCain would get us in who knew how many wars in 4 years. Most Republican seem to me even now in denial and unwilling to admit that the war in Afghanistan was botched, and the Iraq war was mistake from the start.

    Then Obama drags us into a poorly conceived war in Libya. He isn’t seriously addressing the budget. He seems more interested in jacking up taxes on those above an arbitrary notion of Rich (above $250,000 a year) than control of the deficit. His leadership style is too detached. At this point, Pawlenty, Romney or Hunstsman have a shot at my vote. There is plenty to question about Obama’s policies and leadership style.

    I just don’t get the what seems like the visceral dislike of the person of this President by you and others. To be clear, I don’t think its race. I think it may be “otherness” in a broader way though.

    Point is I think I’m more likely to support a Republican if the campaign isn’t mostly based on who hates Barack Obama more. I find that very off putting. You seem to be drawn to it.

    Can you explain why???


  10. Brucetheeconomist ,

    You are the second Obama voter who actually gave me one or two points for being semi-right . After bloodying my head against the brick walls on these Progressive blogs , I thank you .

    What Obama can not get legislatively , he is using the bureaucracy of the NLRB, and the EPA to achieve . Not the first President to do that for sure .

    I have not said in this thread that President Obama’s election was not legal . It is a dig on how great his supporters said he was when he replaced that dim wit, poor spoken Texas Redneck, George W. Bush . Just by his flowery rhetoric they assumed great executive ability . I hope you remember how high the expectations of President Obama were verses that idiot Bush ? Now he is merely human . That is a great fall in 2 1/2 years .

    My dislike of President Obama is based strictly on his actions and also his words as a person of great power . I believe he has done great harm to our economy . I gave him partial credit for his semi-surge in Afghanistan. Semi because he was 10,000 troops short and a little late . One can argue that splitting the difference is no way to run a war . I also gave him kudos for okaying the hit on Bin Laden . It was a big political risk .

    But , I have a bone to pick with you . You chastise me for saying ” since your hero Barack Obama seized power in Washington ” , yet I do not recall ever seeing a comment from you when the crowd here says far worse about Governor Palin, or Rep. Bachman .


  11. You are indeed right on this one.


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