AARP not now screwing seniors


…because they’ve already been doing it for years. So when AARP’s CEO A. Barry Rand said, responding to criticism, “AARP has not changed its position on Social Security”, he was 100% right. A post at Firedoglake shows AARP has supported Social Security cuts since 2005.

And the rising age at which one can begin to draw benefits, automatic increases in Medicare costs, and rising taxes on benefits–all constitute cuts already built in to existing Social Security legislation.

6 responses to “AARP not now screwing seniors

  1. The PDog did this story last week!


  2. The media reported that AARP would support changes to S/S….

    They don’t…..
    I posted a copy of the AARP rebuttal over at the Dog………


  3. For all the whining on the right about AARP, the fact is it’s become a lobbyist for itself. Medicare Advantage (Part D) is a gargantuan money maker for them. And who cares if it was paid for with borrowed money.


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