And the unbloggy continues . . .

My brain whirls, my outrage grows, my humor is dampened . . . but none of this translates into actual words.  So Whatever Works shall vacation for a few more days and I can only hope Orhan feels inclined to toss something of substance up here.

In Miami, where the AC is temporarily off line at my brother’s beautiful 17th floor condo, we have open windows on three sides overlooking upper Biscayne Bay. The brisk breezes off the water cools us. Not bad.

Be nice.

8 responses to “And the unbloggy continues . . .

  1. Holy moly, there must be a fungus floating around in the blogosphere. I just finished my post to be published on Friday announcing that the Oracle has exhausted its creative juices and will be on hiatus for a few days. This fungus must be contagious.

    Enjoy your vacation. I’ll look forward to your return.


  2. I’ve been mostly posting quotes and political cartoons, as most of the other stuff is rather boring. That’s my opinion.

    Enjoy the view of Miami and Biscayne Bay.


  3. Enjoy yourself Moe!

    Ah, two of Rick Scott’s staffer quit on him….
    That should make you feel a bit better…..


  4. Me…I’m still looking for more bones over at PDog…..


  5. I seem to always be hungry…..


  6. Of substance?


  7. It hits all of us. We’ll be here when you find something that jump starts ya again. Meanwhile, continue to rub it in about the ocean views and all that. Makes us feel so warm and fuzzy in the midwest where today it is nearly cold, and rainy, and very unsunny. Blah…


  8. As Don alludes to – there’s really nothing happening these days. No moderate conservative or progressive political force will siege power in America for at least another five years. The rest borders on trivia on the political scene. Or entertainment maybe.

    And maybe there’s some sort of dynamics of public disempowerment going on. As part of a larger change in the nature of the country. Mixed with a missing concept of a bright future and better days..


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