RIP, Clarence Clemmons

The ‘big man’ in the E-Street Band whose sax was such an important part of  Springstein’s sound was only 69. He died tonight.

Thanks for the memories big guy.

6 responses to “RIP, Clarence Clemmons

  1. He will be missed.


    • So essential to the sound, to the success of the band – I read this morning that he met Springstein when he wandered into a local club on the Jersey Shore where Bruce was playing. Since he had his sax with him, he asked it he could join in . . . .


  2. i can’t believe he’s gone. i only started listening to Springsteen’s music a couple of years ago, and i quickly realized that without Clemon’s sax solos the songs would not have been the same. The same can be said for the new Lady Gaga song that he played in.


  3. Short but sweet and a fitting post to a legend.


  4. Bruce talkin bout gettin old…. 35!!!

    He’s just cooler with age.. turned 60 and still rocks.. voice still growing too..


  5. Bruce will be 62 on September 23.


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