How about two Friday oldies?

One by the ‘real’ Queen, and one from my distant past. A little Freddie (go to 1:25 in for the very best of the man – this one’s from Live Aid in 1984), and a little Jerry Lee (a more mature, more nuanced Jerry Lee and only one time kicking the piano stool) . . .

Trivia question: What other infamous American was Jerry Lee’s cousin?

8 responses to “How about two Friday oldies?

  1. I was never a huge Mercury fan, but that sumbitch sure could sing…


  2. That’s me Moe – just setting up the new computer.


  3. IIRC, Jimmy Swaggart was Jerry Lee’s cousin. Talk about a skeleton in the family closet!


  4. But…

    Which one is the skeleton, the one caught trying to hire a hooker or the one who married his 12 year-old cousin?

    Both were great showmen.


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