A drive-by question

Can I be in CNN’s next Presidential debate? I think it’s allowed because Monica Michelle Bachman, an undeclared candidate who hadn’t filed any papers got a spot up there with her own podium and everything, so I’m thinking . . . .

Back to the quiet place.

UPDATE: This is a serious question. What are the rules here?

6 responses to “A drive-by question

  1. He, he, he…..Are you sure you want to do that????


  2. No … please no …. I don’t want a reason to watch.


  3. Ed Rollins sure had a win this round.

    Even if King put her slightly into place – reminding the viewers that everyone else had already filed – except her.

    Apart from that – all you need is a painted bus! – then you’re equally important as the candidates.


    • She not only hadn’t filed, she hadn’t even announced – so how did she get included in that debate. She announced during the debate.


  4. You DO know it’s Michelle, right.


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