I hope his mother never sees these

I went there. Slideshow of the newest photos Anthony Weiner took of himself. In the House gym.


22 responses to “I hope his mother never sees these

  1. Ok, I looked, I wanted to see what the bruhaha was about…reminded me of Peggy Lee’s old song “Is That All There Is?” What is it about men hanging on to their genitals. Do they think they will fall off if they don’t hold them? Sad that a grown man sends pix like these to young girls…sadder still that he’s a congressman.


  2. Some guys just never grow up.


  3. OMG, he’s trying to be a gangsta rapper….how sad


  4. Darn, Mo, as much as I hate to see it happen, I got a feeling that Rep. Anthony Weiner should do as Keith Olbermann said and resign…then run again later, like Repugnicans do. Way too many freaky pics out there to proceed with Biz as usual after “rehab”.

    I love Anthony Weiner and I personally think that this “scandal” shouldn’t bring him down but thanks to the press, it has.

    This means Breitbart, Drudge, et al have won once again. First Rep. Alan Grayson, who also spoke to truth to power on the House floor and now Rep. Weiner.



  5. Moe….

    I said this over at the Dog…
    While Weiner is a knucklehead…
    He still polls over 50% in his district….
    He still seems to have a wife that will let him come home…
    That’s it for me….

    This country which was settled by the Puritans makes me wonder sometimes…
    Right now…
    There are probably hundreds of thousands of people doing the exact same thing that Weiner did…
    So what?

    This has absolutely nothing to do with his job as a US Congressman….
    Embarrassing ?….

    The latest sensation about the 17 year old has the girls parent furious…
    A 17 year old gets an innocent email from a Congressman?
    She’s thrilled…
    The media has the cops knocking on her door….

    Weiner needs to lay low…
    The media needs to find something important to report…
    And we ALL need to move on…..


  6. The man has issues.


  7. Absolutely true that nothing criminal here. Just another male too enchanted with his own abiltiy to thrill the ladies with his ‘lookee what I got here for you’. We girls know it’s not just politicians who like to brag about their prowess and their equipment, thinking it’ll make us swoon. (memo: doens’t)

    I think what happens here Kay is he resigns Congress, lays low for a while till another pretty white blond college girl goes missing so the press can turn its full breathless attention to that, and then runs for mayor. And wins. He was destined for that job and will be great. New Yorkers love their mayors a little bit bad (Jimmy Walker?).

    Bipolar? Interesting . . . sure would explain the irrational certainty that he can get away with this kind of thing.


  8. Kay – I still miss Grayson. We need more with his passion and hutzpa. And, yes, willingness to speak truth to power.


  9. Adding to my own comments.

    It’s not okay to show your johnson but it’s fine to invade other countries and kill their people.


  10. What’s important..
    And What’s not… IS crazy Moe….
    I totally agree…..


  11. Ms. Holland ,

    You don’t seem to get what’s really going here .From a moral and legal view what Weiner did falls short of what a lot of other politicians in both parties have done . From a political viewpoint what he has done is far worse . I personally hope he stays .He could have bedded all of those women and it would not be as bad as sending out those pictures . In the end you Democrats will get rid of him .He will never be Mayor of New York .

    Sleeping with those women he would be forgiven and be a stud .Those last gym pictures will creep too many people out to make him a stud .


    • Alan, don’t know why you’d think I dodn’t know what’s going on here – I think we’ve all made clear that his actions were indeed creepy, the very yuckiest of the yuck. Would sure turn me off any man.

      I don’t think he could be reelected to Congress, but I DO beleive he could make it to Mayor. New Yorkers never loved Rudy G more than when he went out in drag. And they understood when he brought his mistress into Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s house. Like I said, the city likes its mayors a little bit ‘off’.


  12. Well the guy threw in the towel…….

    We’ll see were he lands…..


  13. where…I ALWAYS get confused on the usage of those two words….


  14. Ms. Holland ,

    If Bill Clinton had been stupid enough to send out pictures of what he did , you Democrats could not have saved him . That was my point . Weiner embarrassed your precious Democratic Party with those pictures . Rudy did not send out pictures . He left whatever he did to your imagination . No, boy Anthony is no stud Mayor material . He didn’t even make love to those women .

    And I was right . I said you guys would throw him out . Your Democrats got rid of him , not my Republicans . Remember that when the next Republican is caught in a scandal and you call the rest of us hypocrites .


  15. Bread and circuses, Moe. With all the real problems facing the world, I sincerely hope that this public preoccupation with the contents of some low-level Congressman’s trousers and personal life is just some sort of bizzare joke.

    I have said that I will never understand the loci of American politics before, but now you guys are starting to really scare me….


  16. Ms. Holland ,

    I am no more partisan than anyone else . Maybe just more honest about it .

    D.I.D. ,

    Weiner does matter because he a star on the left and because he was the one who kept calling press conferences and making a fool of himself.

    If he were a GOP star it would have been a far bigger deal .

    From what I’ve read about your country , you are really starting to get your fiscal house in order.


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