It’s 1845 in Texas again. Viva la republica!

Pretty Perry of Texas

Governor Goodhair running for President? Ummm, what about:

 “We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb its nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.”


 He said that Texans “are fed up with what’s coming out of Washington,” and therefore they’ve been inspired to “debate” certain questions among themselves, notably “can we secede.” And just to clarify his remarks further, a gubernatorial spokeswoman said that Perry indeed believes Texas can secede if it so chooses.

Ultimately, however, the Texas governor is further feeding the perception these days that the GOP is simply off its rocker. Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio lamented the other day, in remarks to The New York Times, that independent swing voters are turned off these days to the GOP, because “the more extreme the language, the less likely they are to pay attention. We sound like white noise in the background. It’s like a yipping Chihuahua.”

The man is a fool.

12 responses to “It’s 1845 in Texas again. Viva la republica!

  1. I had a yipping Chihuahua, and she made a helluva lot more sense.


    • But did she have such Good Hair?


      • As a matter of fact, she was a long-haired Chihuahua—so, yes! And she was spayed, so she believed in Planned Parenthood, too.


        • Well, then I guess she was a fugative in her own land?

          Really, Texas, what’s with this guy?


          • I wish I knew, Moe. Perry ran under the banner of “what recession?” and then as soon as he got re-elected we find out there is a 26 billion dollar budget shortfall. His biggest concerns (which he put on the fastrack of “emergency” legislation) were forcing women to have sonograms before abortions and requiring voters to produce photo I.D.s at polling places. Now the legislature wants to remove a 60-year-old provision in the state budget that guaranteed schools a set amount of financing every year. The Republicans are calling public education an “entitlement” (their words) program and that it should only receive what they think is available for it every year. They’re deliberately underestimating student enrollment increases and overestimating the amount that would come in from property taxes to justify this. It’s been said that what they want is to do away with public education altogether—they call it “government” education. Well-to-do white folks can afford to send their kids to private schools (many are Christian schools) or home-school. They don’t give a damn about anyone else. This country is dumb enough, but they want to make it even dumber. *Sigh*


          • Well, it’s clear enough Texas that this crowd really wants to set hte clock back. They have no sense of the ‘commons’, of English common law, of the Magna Carta and they entirely misunderstand the Constitution.

            They want an aristocracy of the ignorant.


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  3. If we had President Perry, would the US secede from Texas?


  4. Worse yet .. how about the theocracy of the ignorant!


  5. If it comes to that, I might just move to Canada.


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