Ellsberg: All Nixon’s crimes against me now legal


Via Juan Cole, Daniel Ellsberg interviewed on CNN’s “In the Arena”:

[CNN]: These days, when you find yourself thinking about Richard Nixon, what comes to mind?

[Ellsberg]: “Richard Nixon, if he were alive today, might take bittersweet satisfaction to know that he was not the last smart president to prolong unjustifiably a senseless, unwinnable war, at great cost in human life. (And his aide Henry Kissinger was not the last American official to win an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize.)

He would probably also feel vindicated (and envious) that ALL the crimes he committed against me-which forced his resignation facing impeachment-are now legal.

That includes burglarizing my former psychoanalyst’s office (for material to blackmail me into silence), warrantless wiretapping, using the CIA against an American citizen in the US, and authorizing a White House hit squad to “incapacitate me totally” (on the steps of the Capitol on May 3, 1971). All the above were to prevent me from exposing guilty secrets of his own administration that went beyond the Pentagon Papers. But under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, with the PATRIOT Act, the FISA Amendment Act, and (for the hit squad) President Obama’s executive orders, they have all become legal.

There is no further need for present or future presidents to commit obstructions of justice (like Nixon’s bribes to potential witnesses) to conceal such acts. Under the new laws, Nixon would have stayed in office, and the Vietnam War would have continued at least several more years.”

Bin Laden and Nixon are probably laughing in Hell right now.

10 responses to “Ellsberg: All Nixon’s crimes against me now legal

  1. It was always bin Laden’s hope that we could be terrorized into destroying ourselves. Fear is a powerful and Viola!


  2. Tell all this Julian Assange over at wikileaks who has to keep looking over his shoulder….and Manning who ain’t leaving a jail for a long time…..


    • Every time Assange’s name comes up, I like to reiterate my own theory – the leaks were making governments angry, but it wasn’t till he said Bank of America is next that he was targeted. And where are those Bank of America leaks?


    • That’s one of Ellsberg’s points: the Obama Administration has prosecuted whistle blowers more than all previous administrations combined.


  3. Mr Ellsberg 9/11 changed a lot of stuff……


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