Fair redistricting? It is to laugh

Florida or Weiner's weiner?

Last year, Florida approved by 63% an amendment to bring sanity to our completely corrupted re-districting. This isn’t sitting well with the State legislature. They’ve filed a suit to stop it from being implemented. If they succeed, Voldemort is ready, nay anxious, to sign.

In a recent editorial, the Sarasota Herald Tribune notes what gerrymandering has wrought:

No wonder Florida has the least competitive legislative elections in the country — tied for last place with California and Massachusetts — according to the National Institute of Money in State Politics.

The Florida Times-Union reported last fall that in the past 10 years, 505 incumbent Florida legislators had run for re-election. Only 10 of them lost

. . . even basic standards are apparently too much for the Legislature to bear. In a historically tight budget year, the state House and state Senate set aside tens of millions of dollars to defend against legal challenges to its redistricting process.

The lawmakers’ chief opposition will be the millions of Florida voters who decided last year that there must be a better way.

So goes life in this vibrant democracy. Not.

7 responses to “Fair redistricting? It is to laugh

  1. My state (OH) loses seats … so does NY (could be out with the Weiner … rim shot) … Back from frivolity, so what would be a fair way to redistrict? After all, aren’t human decisions generally biased?


    • I’m talking about redistricting within Florida. I think we gained a seat this time and redrawing the link is traditionally done by the legislature in Tallahassee.

      Redistricting needs to be taken out of hte hands of elected officials and put into the hands of a non elected commission. Like the Fed or something.


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  3. The fact that FL legislature is more than 66% Republican while voter registrations in the state favor the Dems would seem to mean that something is amiss.


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