Donald Trump triumphant!

I just read a so so sci-fi novel called Flash Forward. It was once a TV series, one I really liked (and that usually guarantees cancellation. The Unusuals, Jericho, Detroit 1-8-7. Ah well.) The series took  the premise of the book and made it exciting and dramatic – which is why I stayed with the book  hoping it would get better. It didn’t. A terrific fictional premise underexploited.

But I did come away with this little gem. Within a list of  things that will be true in 2030 was this:

Donald Trump was building a pyramid in the Nevada desert to house his eventual remains. When done, it will be ten meters taller than the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Giggle, giggle.

5 responses to “Donald Trump triumphant!

  1. You did it again…LOL…love it!


  2. Dairy Queen ought to sue about that picture. The thoughts of anything about Trump being eternal are enough to make me shudder.

    I loved Jon Stewart’s critique of Trump eating pizza with Sarah Palin. What a gruesome twosome!


    • marylee, I saw that Stewart take down too. It was brilliant. I love it when he goes all NYC on us. I was born there you know and we have our standards!!

      Did you love the bit about plastic tableware? Priceless.


  3. Looks like his hair might take most of the space.


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