Florida as fiefdom. Rick Scott’s fiefdom.

“Rick Scott doesn’t seem to care about Florida.”  –  Florida Senator Dan Gelber in a blog post.  (Gelber was the 2010 Democratic candidate for FL Attorney General.)

In just 6 months Rick Scott has dismantled our growth management laws and eliminated Florida Forever (the land conservation program) to allow developers to completely pave over our state; he successfully convinced the legislature to gut education spending in order to provide special interest tax breaks; he’s shown utter contempt for Florida’s open government traditions by operating more secretively than any other administration; he gave property insurance companies the green light to raise rates as they see fit; and advanced policies that will make our state’s oldest and poorest nothing more than profit centers for health insurers. And that’s just the beginning.

Scott is treating Florida much like the companies he bought and sold in his business life. Buy a company, reengineer it so it can be sold for a quick profit and let it’s defects become someone else’s problems down the road.

15 responses to “Florida as fiefdom. Rick Scott’s fiefdom.

  1. Hi Moe,

    I just started following your blog. So far I am getting some rather negative waves from you about Mr. Picklehead – the carpetbagger who bought Tallahassee.

    Could that possibly be true?




    • Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

      Dude, you are grossly insulting pickleheads.


    • Hey Jon. Floridians are always welcome here!

      I do tend to let my manners slip when the subject is our esteemed governor. As one-term a one-termer as there ever is going to be in this sorry state. As for our congress critters in Tallahassee, let’s just say I’m really hoping for a massive case of ‘buyers’ remorse’ next year.


  2. Dear BTTFH,

    I apologize for the “picklehead” reference. I normally refer to this clown as The Rick (with a ‘P’) with ears, but I didn’t want my natural crudeness to be revealed on my very first comment to this blog.


  3. Can’t you folks recall that bastard?


    • My understanding is that we CAN legally recall legislators but not the gov. We’ll have to settle for watching Wisconsin take down Walker. And in 2014, we’ll send the {P}Rick (thanks Jon!) back to his cave.


  4. The 3 Governor Stooges: Rick Scott (FL), John Kasich (OH), Greg Walker (WI)


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  6. On the subject of recall: State Rep. Rick Kriseman, D-St. Petersburg, has filed a bill that would allow voters to recall state legislators or state office holders, including the governor. Current laws only allow removal of local officials through a recall process, but state officials can only be removed by the legislature or the governor. I can’t imagine the prick with ears is going to recall himself any time soon.

    Cheers, y’all!


  7. Moe this post rocks!……

    I know you’re getting hits on it!

    Keep up the good work!


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