CNN is gone, but Joplin is still there

Still there and still trying to cope. Duane at The Joplin Globe posted this today.

Here’s the way it works these days in Joplin:

In the morning, I teared up over an obituary in Thursday’s Joplin Globe.  It was an obituary of a tornado victim, a nine-year-old little boy who, like one of my own once-nine-year-old little boys, loved Pokemon and had “the dirt and scrapes” that come with being a nine-year-old little boy.

I later went to Target to pick up a few things. I ran into the father of a boy I coached ten years ago, a boy who now works at my favorite Joplin restaurant and has a wife and two kids. They lived in the apartments by Dillon’s Market on 20th Street.  Lost everything. No renter’s insurance because they had little left over to spend on such “luxuries.”  Remember, he works at a local restaurant.  Just getting started.

The father said he was grateful for FEMA, who is helping out his son.  FEMA, just one voice of the American people in this tragedy.  Yes, I said, I’m thankful for FEMA, too.

It turns out that the father of the boy I coached so long ago was also a coach these days.  He coached soccer for a Christian youth group.  He had just attended the funeral of a nine-year-old little boy he coached, a boy who played his last soccer game the Saturday before life changed in Joplin.  A little boy whose obituary I read in the Joplin Globe.

In the aisle, in the middle of the store, we shared some tears.  Said goodbye.

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  1. Thanks for the update and the reminder that I need to go to his site again.


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