Thanks! 6086 and two hours still to go

Over a hundred views in the last half hour (wow!) did the trick.  I now have over 6000 for the month of May – nearly 6100 now – which is my new record, surpassing March (5800+) which I thought was an outlier.


(and by the way, Sean is hot on my heels. Do NOT go over there and encourage him.)

14 responses to “Thanks! 6086 and two hours still to go

  1. Moe, you rock and you know it. Don’t be so modest.
    Okay, I’ll be modest too…..(sarcasm)
    I’ve gone since yesterday, when I get back, this post

    Has 1,500 views, and is still going. Wow. I couldn’t believe it.
    My little bloggie is just NOT that great.


  2. Congrats!


  3. Wow Moe! Congrats!
    When my blog grows up I want it to be just like yours! 🙂


  4. Hey Moe, congrats on your blog. Maybe you ought to look into your own webserver and the potential advertising it would gross!!!

    BTW, I was wondering how things were going over here, hope all is well in your world.


  5. Yup, that’s my girl!


  6. Congratulations …. and I’m glad I found this site … you are a class act.


  7. If you self host get google one else pays anywhere near them….and you ain’t gonna get rich….


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