Days, dollars, dead

2001 to present: Iraq and Afghanistan

DAYS: I just can’t count them – a decade times two. Figure it out.

DOLLARS: $1.2 trillion


Afghanistan – nearly into the tenth year; 1600 US fatalities, 11,700 wounded, $419 billion.

Iraq – well into  the eighth year of that war; 4460 US fatalities, 32,227 wounded, $783 billion.

And me? I’m headed off to visit, eat hamburgers, hot dogs, wilted salad and watermelon. And so it goes.

7 responses to “Days, dollars, dead

  1. God bless them all for their service and sacrifice. Without them, the tyrants would rule over the unwilling.


  2. True that Moe…..

    Doug is right…..

    Don’t confuse the people who send them off with the people who go……


  3. In my opinion, we can truly honor our veterans with adequate medical and mental health care, rather than parades and cook-outs. This recent court ruling on the VA broke my heart.


    • And all the while Ahab, half our homeless population since the Vietnam war was vets – now it’s Iraq and AFghanistan vets. Shame, shame, shame on us.


  4. That too Ahab


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