Off the sand and back in the saddle

Ready to roll

Today, for the second time, I’m headed to a meeting of the local Democratic Club. I stepped away from active involvement after 2010 – mostly because I’d overbooked myself with volunteer commitments. But at the end of this year, I’ll be term limited off the board of an Endowment Trust after six years. Time enough I think. Now it’s back to politics. Local politics.

So I’m going to these little political meetings as a warm up for getting involved with the County Party in 2012. My personal target is the Florida legislature, an incompetent group entrusted with lawmaking by my fellow citizens.

Why I live here

. . .  That Trust I’m leaving has been a central part of my life since I moved here and discovered that my 1950’s development owns a Gulf front beach. Access is by ferry or a two mile walk from the public beach (all beaches are public of course, but our ferry isn’t). Over the years the operating costs around the ferry operation and buildings and land had risen sharply. Everything was managed by a local civic association and they were ready to turn the beach over to the County to finance and manage.

From ferry landing to beach

That’s when some of us got involved and created a legal entity, an Endowment Trust, to hold and manage these common properties for the future and for the use of the entire community. It took five years and there was plenty of resistance within the civic association, but we persisted. And it got done because we had some very talented people who led the effort. We managed some seed money which is now with a trust company and protects  beach access for the future.


It’s a special place – entirely natural, entirely untouched. No plumbing. No electric. No pavement. Just dunes and scrub and shells and sharks teeth. Gopher turtle abound as do shore birds. There are even shade trees. While other area beaches ‘renourish’ after almost every storm by dumping acres of sand transported from elsewhere, we are more patient. The beach shrinks sometimes. But it comes back always. Such are the ways of nature and the tides.

Maybe I can arrange a beach party for local Democrats once I learn everyone’s name.

One response to “Off the sand and back in the saddle

  1. Count me in…both to beach party and local dem…that I’ll volunteer for.


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