Cable out an I iz not happy

I'll be waiting.

Apparently my DVR cable box is malfunctioning. I know this because after an hour on my own trying to get it to reboot properly, and another 45 minutes on the phone with a technician, I have no cable. I must say this for Comcast, they have patient and agreeable phone techs. But I still don’t have TV.

My problem is the box and no amount of resetting from here or from their end is going to fix it. New box needed. But it’s Saturday night. And it’s a holiday weekend. And the offices are closed. And the first time they can get someone out here with a new box is Tuesday. 

When my power goes down and I call the utility company, they don’t tell me they are taking the weekend off – and neither should Comcast. They’re not a boutique service – they provide access to an essential utility for their customers. I pay lottsa US dollars every month to provide that access. Saying  “sorry Tuesday is the best we can do” is not good enough.

I shall visit the Comcast office next week and arrange for them to adjust my bill commensurate with how I price my own time.  I figure three free months? Or should I ask for more? I’m sure they’ll be agreeable about it.

13 responses to “Cable out an I iz not happy

  1. It’s TV, chill. You got broadband, good chance for you to check out hulu



    Boy that the shits now you cant watch FOX news!!!


    • Just watched a few hours on NOVA on pbs site – while lying on the couch, laptop on my tummy. It worked. But batteries being what htey are, plugs were eventually involved!


  3. Moe,

    Just cancel it. I cancelled cable in 2007 because Comcast was charging me over $200 a month. I said screw it and haven’t looked back since.

    Now, of course, my kids are growing up watch DVDs of all the cartoons I enjoyed in the 80s, so they probably appear to be a bit anacronistic to their peers.

    That said, I more than make up for it with my DVD purchases.


    • What about news – and I mean real time big deal events? ‘Puter is fine, but sometimes ya want that big screen. Are you saying you don’t receive any cable/network stuff at all?


      • Nope. I get nothing. Not even the free stuff because we don’t have an antenna on the house, and I wouldn’t know where to start to get one installed.

        TV is a luxury as it is too expensive out in California.

        However, it probably helps me maintain some balance regarding my views.


        • I certainly watch too much of it but I don’t think I could shut it down. Kudos to you.

          Actually, I don’t think you can even use antenna anymore – analog is shut down. It’s all digital. Would an antenna pick that up?


  4. OMG, I love that picture!

    I’m sure they’ll adjust your bill. Tell them you want double time… for holidays.


  5. you can come to my house and watch mine…I tried calling you left a message…have a little plant for you in the kitchen


  6. Waddayamean no TV! Book into a hotel and send Comcast the bill.


  7. Should you be able to just unscrew the coax from the DVR and attach to the input for the TV directly. You’d have no DVR but could watch real time TV.

    You might want to try as well, though I think it has mostly entertainment, not news.


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