She makes me hurt all over

(This is going to piss off our friend Alan. But that’s not why I’m putting it up.)

Listen to this voice. Would you buy laundry detergent if urged to do so by this voice? How about tires? Handi wipes?

21 responses to “She makes me hurt all over

  1. Please…shoot me…now…


  2. That’s the mom from Happy Days, right?


  3. The truths jumped from Lincoln to Reagan!

    Where’s Grover Clevland


  4. Ms. Holland ,

    ” This is going to piss off our friend Alan. But that’s not why I’m putting it up.) ”

    No , I am not pissed off. Actually , I thank you. I had not viewed this before .

    ” Listen to this voice. Would you buy laundry detergent if urged to do so by this voice? How about tires? Handi wipes? ”

    Her voice is her voice . It isn’t any better or worse than yours’ or mine . You will not admit it is her message that you hate . You hate what she believes in and stands for. It is as simple as that . Everything else that you and yours’ say about Governor Palin is just window dressing .

    Exactly the case as to why I hate your ‘ hero ‘ President Obama . I don’t hate him because he is black . I don’t hate him because of where he was or wasn’t born . I don’t even hate him because he is a Democrat . I hate him for the same reasons you hate Governor Palin. I hate him for what he stands for . I hate him for what he believes in . I hate him for what he has done and will do to my country .

    But lest you think that Palin and Obama are merely the flip sides of each other , at least when Palin gives a speech, love her or hate her, you are clear as to what the hell she was talking about . Tell me honestly , , at the end of an Obama speech can you say that you did not zone out for 20 minute periods and have no memory of those zone outs ?


  5. Alan; Palin is nothing more than a carnival barker and a shill. She quit her job as governor, she got fired from the TV station she worked for which was in Alaska, because she was terrible. When she speaks, her sentences are just word salads. And to here her talk, Reagan was the only president this country ever had, which isn’t saying much. And no, I wouldn’t buy anything that this woman if she endorsed it. Palin is not cut out to be president, never mind dog catcher, as she would probably screw that up too.


  6. Well here we go again. Whose more worse, Palin or Obama???

    Some will proclaim Palin is trying to keep America a land of opportunity, and Obama wants (or maybe is an unknowing tool of a plutocracy) to make us all slaves to an undeserving plutocracy of intellectuals, bureaucrats undeserving drones on the dole, and foreigners (illegal aliens and those who wish to import foreign cultures into the US). Sarah Palin will be the tip of the spear into this threat. Does that pretty much say what you believe Alan?

    Other will say almost the same of Obama, that he is trying to keep America a land of opportunity while Palin wants (or maybe is unknowing tool of a plutocracy) to make us all salves to undeserving plutocracy of bankers, corporations, and the military industrial complex. Obama would be the tip of spear into this threat. Two years in office may have diminished the optimism about how much he can actually do this, but what’s the alternative? Does that pretty much say what most commentators here other than Alan believe?

    How did we get here?

    It seems to me that those on each end of the spectrum (that we assume has one dimension, though I think it might be more than that) share a fear that a large and powerful part of their opposition is bent on undermining the well being of the country at large for their own benefit. The only difference is who you think that scary group is.

    That said: Is it possible to agree on some very, very broad goals?? I take that to mean say: broad prosperity (without regard to if all the boats are rising exactly equally, and if the money is being used schools or larger SUVs); and peace (not being in multiple wars).

    Even if there is agreement on those goals, I’m sure that we can and will disagree about how to achieve these broad goals. Those on the left will lean toward government stimulus and redistribution policy, while Alan thinks a smaller government is the key. Peace will also be subject to different ideas on means. Alan will support peace through strength, probably applied liberally. Most other here lean toward a smaller military less frequently inserted into disputes.

    It seems to me that years ago there was more a sense of shared goals, though disagreement about means in politics than today. I don’t know that we’ll ever get back to that, at least in my time.

    To start with though do my fuzzy goals seem like something most of us would support?


    • I agree with your fuzzy goals, Bruce. I also agree with your point about the two extremes, but I think the majority of people in this country who are between those extremes would agree on a lot more than they suspect they would.

      (But I still can’t handle Sarah’s voice. )


    • Terrific comment bruce – so much there. I like your point about opposition having more than one dimension. I think, sadly, that the divisoins started as political disagreements but have devolved into tribal dislikes. A lot of ‘us’ and ‘them’. I think it’s gotten very personal at the grassroots level.

      The years after WWII were remarkable in this country – in the midst of the astonishing burgeoning of hte US economy, we not only paid off war debt, but we rebuilt Japan and Germany. People did work together and I think it’s because they’d had this enormous SHARED experience. Doctors in foxholes with machinists. And everyone at home sacrificing – paying extra taxes, accepting rationing of food and gas and so much else. But then the generation who lived thorugh that time passed things on to their kids and then we passed it on. And we don’t share much anymore. Not even military service.

      I fear the tribalism. But bruce, I am somewhat reassured that prior to WWII, politics in this country was low down dirty, and even – ESPECIALLY – in the Founding generation. The 1800 election was as nasty as it gets!


  7. I hope this bus ride to NH, goes right through Massachusetts, without so much as making a pit stop.


  8. Of course, if she has a health problem while within your borders, at least she can get health care. Wouldn’t that be fun?


    • Her brain is a health problem.
      I could just picture her in the middle of Harvard Sq., making an ass of her self in front of one of the most liberal cities in America. Now that would be funny.


  9. Yes I did. She’s right up their with bat shit crazy Bachmann, saying twice in the same day, that the Revolutionary War started in NH, and not Mass. And these assholes want to be president.


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  11. I think a Palin event in Portland would draw lots of protests, but I expect those in the event would be tightly controlled. And even here she’s likely able to draw a significant friendly crowd, maybe at large church or something of that sort.


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