Rick Perry may not put his machines inside me no matter how much he wants to

State Rep. Carol Alvarado shows them what the thing looks like. It probably just excited them more.

This is a vaginal probe. Duane has brought it to our attention this morning.

The fine folk in the Texas leg (as Molly Ivins used to call it) have passed a new law. And Governor Goodhair (the one who thinks secession would be fun) signed it. Per Duane:

Now in Texas women can’t get an abortion until they first undergo a sonogram. For God’s sake people, the government is forcing them to get a sonogram.  And if women don’t want to see the sonogram image or hear the “heartbeat,” their doctor must—that means the use of government force—describe the image, including the size of the embryo or fetus and whether it has organs or limbs.

These guys really make me want to talk dirty. So here goes:

Guys, get your nasty minds out of my pussy. Go play with something else. Or fool around with yourselves – at least that way you won’t have to wash your hands.

6 responses to “Rick Perry may not put his machines inside me no matter how much he wants to

  1. Just curious… is the state government going to pay for that sonogram? And when the baby comes, is ol’ Rick going to help with its health care and education?

    Good grief. Obviously they cut out any mental health care there long ago.


  2. How dare you criticize the party of less government. Just like with warrentless wire tapping; if you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about. If you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy you must have done something “wrong.”

    This law also applies to women who are victims of rape. These pasty white, fat, mostly male bastards will make those women suffer through another rape.


    • I said in antoher thread that it really is all about sex. A certain type of men – strangely drawn to serve as legislative Republicans – think it unseemly for women to enjoy it, so they must be punished. And probed. Voyeurs all of them.


  3. I’ve seen the sonofabitch and I think he’s pregnant.


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