If you give in on this one Harry, you’ve lost me for good

Dear Senate Democrats:

The Republicans in the Senate in the voice of leader and turtle out of his shell Mitch McConnell have announced they will stop any vote on raising the debt ceiling unless they get their way with Medicare.

A very astute observer Josh Marshall listens to McConnell’s words and hears as self-serving a Senatorial statement as has been heard this session.

Republicans have boxed themselves into a political corner with their plan to end Medicare. It’s a big problem for them politically, and there’s no easy way out . . . [so] McConnell just announced he will not support raising the debt ceiling unless big Medicare cuts are part of the deal. Translation: Unless Democrats get us off the hook by agreeing to deep Medicare cuts (meaning Democrats can no longer attack Republicans for wanting to eliminate Medicare), then we’re going to force the federal government into default on its debt. . . . It’s as stark as that. And the decision for Democrats is equally stark: Do you negotiate with hostage-takers?

No you don’t Mr. Reid. No you don’t and don’t you dare. If Republicans actually would allow us to go into default and suffer all the world wide consequences of such an action, let them pay the price and forfeit all pretense of being part of this ‘governing’ thing.

Let them slink away with their Tea Party buddies to a State with a population smaller than Hartford and let them sit together late at night and plot how to take down those damn Americans. And all their damn American ideas. And all their damn beliefs that people matter.

The debt ceiling is important. More important though, is standing up to threats, threats as cavalier as McConnell’s.

So don’t you dare Mr. Reid.

10 responses to “If you give in on this one Harry, you’ve lost me for good

  1. Too bad more of these guys don’t come from Brooklyn. Threats don’t work and bullies get put down. Harry, I’m making you an honorary Brooklynite.


  2. Moe this just posturing…..

    Sure Reid gonna have make a deal….

    But he will do so with the knowledge that Obama will not sign off on anything that would make you too mad….


  3. this IS just….


  4. The problem is those darn Americans who think they should be able to make their own decisions about healthcare, about retirement, about privacy issues, about just about everything! Sheesh! What a stupid notion!


    • Hey, welcome barb – always nice to hear a new voice. I went over to your place and see you are conservative, as I am liberal. Which is great. I enjoy dialogue and hope you’ll stop in and get involved now and again.

      As for ‘making our own decisions’ . . . that’s a pretty broad category. I will certainly agree with you that the intrusions into our privacy have been horrific over recent decades and I greatly fear it may be too late to pull back. When the Supreme Court decided Roe V Wade all those years ago, they established – for the first time in law – the right to privacy. But in spite of that, it’s pretty much been eroded ever since – in every area, not just reproductive rights.

      I worry greatly about the militarization of our civilian police with the ordinary cop beginning to look and act like SWAT teams – sometimes I think it happens just cuz guys like all that cool equipment and want to be able to wear it and have it. Really.

      Anyway, hi!


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  6. Reid and company have so much experience in bending over backwards to accommodate even the most voter-displeasing Republican schemes, I’m not sure they even know how to do otherwise.


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