Friday: oldies make me feel young

Posted this before in ’09. But it’s worth a reprise. One of the best slow-dancing numbers ever. Not quite The Platters, but close. This is the Five Satins, back when there were only four of them.

8 responses to “Friday: oldies make me feel young

  1. Hey tonight is my last night at Sinai, I’m off to Rochester next month for a 9 month contract. How you been?


    • Hy Brian! Nice to hear from you. I see the career barrels forward! Rochester – at least it’s not winter; gets a bit snowy up there doens’t it? Actually upstate is beautiful as I’m sure you know. (What about the puppy? going with you?)

      I’m fine bud – it’s summer in FL so lots of pool time, a little beach time, lots of reading time. For some reason, summer is when I do my serious reading. Must be all the daylight.


  2. We used to do “The Fish” to this. Have no idea how it got that name. Danced very close, it was a bump and grind. What teens did before they started fucking at that age. We lost a lot when touch dancing ended, I see it starting again. Maybe it will reduce teen pregnancy.


    • Oh I don’t think ‘touch’ dancing ever stopped – it just changed. For us, it was a taste of ‘forbidden fruit’. Once it’s not forbidden anymore, who needs a taste? As for teen pregnancy, I’m sure you joke – right? The only thing that’ll reduce teen pregnancy is contraceptives. They’re sure not going to stop having sex!


  3. I’ll be there till April so I’ll def get a Rochester winter under my belt!


  4. And long underwear too!


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