Rick Scott least popular governor in the US of A

Voldemort is in the house

I hope all my Republican and Tea Party neighbors who elected this fool are dropping their blinders. His numbers began sliding down the day after inauguration and have been moving downward since.

Scott will be a one-termer and if Florida’s buyers remorse is strong enough, he may take our legislature – a grouping of more fools – down with him. Oh please, please, please.

From the Miami Herald today:

Gov. Rick Scott is one of the least popular governors in America, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll that shows 57 percent of voters disapprove of his job performance.

Only 29 percent favor the job Scott is doing, the poll of 1,196 registered voters shows. . . .

Scott’s numbers have deteriorated from mediocre to bad ever since he took office. In February, a month after he took office, only 35 percent favored Scott’s job performance. Then, in April, his disapproval rating more than doubled to 48 percent.

The Republican-led Legislature, which typically has low approval ratings, has a similar job-approval rating as Scott with 56 percent disapproving and only 27 percent registering approval.

But it’s not just the state budget that’s a drag on the Legislature and Scott. The poll shows that a big portion of voters, 63 percent, say property insurance is getting more difficult and 59 percent say there needs to be more regulation of the insurance market. Yet Scott and the Legislature say it’s time for fewer regulations.

14 responses to “Rick Scott least popular governor in the US of A

  1. Buyers remorse in Ohio, Wisconsin and Yes….Florida!


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  3. Ms. Holland ,

    And how many months has your new Governor had in office ? It would seem that you could give him a few more moments in office before you slam him .

    Sometimes you have to make short term unpopular decisions for the greater long term good . Arnold in California ended up being a horrible Governor because he did not recognize that basic fact . Arnold did not have the moral muscle to take on the Government workers and their allies in Sacramento .

    I also believe that Wisconsin and Ohio will look at the long term benefits , as opposed to the short term pain their Republican servants have asked of them .


    • [ It would seem that you could give him a few more moments in office before you slam him]

      Just like the right did with Obama you mean? This guy has no idea that he’s not the owner of FL and he has to play nice with others.


  4. Ms. Holland ,

    ” Just like the right did with Obama you mean? ”

    Actually President Obama did have a longer honeymoon than Reagan, Bush the First , Clinton , and Bush the Second . The Republicans were cowed by your huge majorities in both Houses , plus they were afraid of yuse guys and da race card . Thank God they no longer are afraid of either .

    You do remember Bush the Second and how you guys were so peeved at how he stole the election that you attacked him from the get go .

    How about how you personally constantly attack Governor Palin . I have never seen a politician so violently attacked when they are not even in office . Could it be that Rush is right ? You guys are still deathly afraid of her ?


    • [Could it be that Rush is right ? You guys are still deathly afraid of her ?]

      Nope. Just can’t stand her. Happy to attack her since she’s an attack machine. It’s what she does. Also she’s a quitter and she turned her back on Alaska when she saw that money could be made. She uses her kids and she doens’t even bother to learn about the things she constantly opines about. What is it I always call her? Oh yeah, a grifter. Classic.


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  6. Face it, Republicans hate Governent, Regulation, Oversight, Transparency and Accountability, they lust after the Wealth and Power of Multinational Corporations, Dictators, and Tyrants and they are eater to sell our Soverignty to the highest bidder! (so are many who call themselves dems)

    Republicans take Pride in hating our government…
    (Saint Reagan – “government is the problem”)
    Voting for a Republican is like hiring a child molester to babysit!

    Have you heard the ghoulish responses of the republicans who make up the audience at the republican debates, they cheer execution, though they say they are “pro life”, they boo solders risking their lives for America and democracy because they are gay, this is shamefull immoral behavior!

    I say we require Rick Scott to take a drug test…

    If it were up to me all politicians would take tests on math, economics, civil rights, the contitution, and be tested for sociopathic tendencies!


    • Welcome Duke. Sure like the idea of making Scott take that drug test since we provide his salary and give him health insurance.

      Yeah, I’ve heard those calls for ‘kill ’em’ and the rest. They really are a disgrace.


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  8. Hmm, Akismet’s a tad slorpy today…


    • They’re sneaking through on old posts. I would have deleted it, but that would leave your comment – which I quite like – with no context. So it stays!


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