Maru is three! Let the party commence!

Maru! The most famous cat on the intertubes – probably the most famous cat in the world – has  his own facebook page here and his own YouTube channel here (with almost 3 million subscribers!). Either place you can find all the videos that made Maru famous;  you’ll see Maru eating, napping, running, staring and even refusing to look at the camera. Maru’s charm is that his very ordinariness has made him a star. Maru is us.

Here is a video collage. Watch it and you’ll love the guy too.

3 responses to “Maru is three! Let the party commence!

  1. I enjoy cat posts more than I used to…


  2. Yep, and here I thought we were the only ones with a slightly retarded(NPC) kitty cat.


    • I’ve had cats who insisted upon living in the box spring under my bed. Never saw the damn things, but I fed them, cleaned their litter box and took them to the vet. Go figure.


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