Blogfriend in Joplin

Some of you are familiar with Duane Graham, a frequent commenter here, who blogs at The Joplin Globe as The Erstwhile Conservative. Joplin – which yesterday took a terrrible beating and is today an open wound.

He writes tonight about a walk he took with his son shortly after the tornado.

Sunday evening, before the onset of the cruel aftershocks that continue to pummel our devastated city with remorseless storms and rescue-impeding rains, my youngest son and I undertook a journey to a destination he—a high school student and baseball player—seemed desperate to see.

He wanted to go to his school. . . .

Just an hour after the historic tornado hit, we began our walk to Joplin High School. We stepped over thick, once-pulsating power lines; we listened to a natural gas main hiss an awful hiss as it filled the air with that unmistakable odor and imminent danger;  we stepped on and over shards of civilization—the wood, glass, and other fabric that make up a life-home; we passed by pummeled, twisted sheet metal no longer confined to driveways or cowering in garages, but like wildly wounded or dead tin soldiers on some strange and dreadful battlefield . . .  we walked through the rubble—how terrible it seems to call it that—and we watched the landscape, once so familiar, disorient us with its new unfamiliarity, the product of an appalling but natural disregard for our pattern-seeking and sense-making needs as human beings. . . .

To the west, the houses were gone.  The houses whose windows and roofs had been the targets of years of foul balls, duds bounding off the bats of too-hopeful Major League aspirants. Those familiar houses were gone.  All of them, and all behind them, and behind them. 

And to the south, all gone.  And to the east.

9 responses to “Blogfriend in Joplin

  1. Moe … simply thanks for sharing. Strength to all those affected.


  2. How terrible…

    There certainly have been some weather-caused disasters as of late. Strength to all in Joplin and anywhere else devestated by the onslaught of tornadoes.


  3. Good luck to them…..

    May they bring everthing back…and ….More…..


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  5. Even if you didn’t like Duane politics, he sure knows how to write.

    Thanks for the update Moe (I was getting a little worried), and prayers for Joplin.


  6. Hi Moe! Steve here. My new blog site is …
    same stuff just different label.
    I need to put a link for your blog. Mine is taking off somewhat slow. About 25 hits a day. Down from 300-1200 for the old one.


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