Ben Stein would have loved the Court of Louis XVI

Did someone mention guillotines?

Really. He thinks rich and famous people – when charged with a crime – should not, repeat not, be treated like the rest of us.

Here are a few small jewels from  his very odd piece in The American Spectator, wherein Mr. Stein, famous failed economist, is outraged that one of his own [Dominique Strauss-Kahn] has been charged/arrested/incarcerated. This column – or whatever it is – is  destined for viral greatness.

He is one of the most recognizable people on the planet. Did he really have to be put in Riker’s Island? Couldn’t he have been given home detention with a guard?

A man pays $3,000 a night for a hotel room? He’s got to be guilty of something. Bring out the guillotine.

If he’s found guilty, there will be plenty of time to criticize him and imprison him.

That last is my favorite. Since Riker’s is populated by those charged with crime but not yet found guilty,  why don’t we let them all go?

16 responses to “Ben Stein would have loved the Court of Louis XVI

  1. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    Buehler, Buehler.


  2. Ah, but the rich (and famous) are different than the rest of us. If he did commit rape surely it was first class rape. None of that hoi polloi rape which is just so much worse. And laws are only for the little people.

    God, please, God… it is time for some righteous indignation and divine justice. Can we just have all these over-privileged whiners grow antlers, or have their feet turn around backwards … something, anything, as long as it is humiliating and inconvenient? Please. How about big, funny ears. Oh wait. How would we tell in this case? OK, backwards feet. That’s all I ask.


  3. Isn’t Ben Stein (BS) basically suggesting that his bud is being treated worse than the typical rape suspect? I doubt that’s true, but is that what BS’s saying?

    By the way, his father was an economist and worked for President Nixon while wage and price controls were imposed. I might call him a failed economist on those grounds. BS however is I think a lawyer, failed or not.


    • For one thing, he seems to resent that DKS is generating so much press attention, as if the head of IMF being charged with rape wouldn’t be a page one story around the entire globe! But for the same reason (because he’s the head of IMF), the law should treat him more gently because “the rich are different” . . .

      Didn’t know about his father before, but Stein is regularly billed by talk radio and FOX news as ‘an economist.’ And I’ve seen him in commercials too calling himself an economist. Though I don’t know if he ever actually worked as one! Mostly he’s famous for the movies.


  4. His quote were entertaining, even though I have a difficult time taking Ben Stein serious at anything.


  5. It sounds as if you guys have already convicted Mr. Strauss-Kahn ?


    • You have an opinion Alan? I don’t. I only know the NYC police and DA have arrested him. Haven’t noticed anyone in this thread holding forth an opinion on his guilt or innocence.

      Of course this is about Ben Stein, not DSK. What do you think of what Stein said?


  6. Ms. Holland ,

    You have not said so, but your ” I’m all for humiliation. Especially for guys who grab women because they think they’re the masters of the universe . . .” implies that since this guy is rich and powerful , you believe he is guilty .

    From the press coverage I’ve seen they sure make him sound as guilty as sin . I just believe after the Duke rape case when everyone and his brother had those rich white boys convicted and hung for a rape that never happened, I will wait .

    But this was all about Ben Stein and what a lousy economist he is or is it about what a lousy human being he is for his comments about Strauss-Kahn ?


  7. Ben has no fecking idea what the REAL WORLD is like, does he?

    Disclaimer: I occasionally agree with this asshat.

    But back to the point. Has this guy ever been anywhere near average people?
    People like you and I, …..the ones who do the real work?
    The person that was allegedly assaulted would certainly be sent to Riker’s if they were accused.

    Should the police be checking credit ratings and bank accounts before deciding what detention is proper for each suspect, or are we all equal, and justice blind?????

    Ben should be what he preaches. A free market conservative who touts family values, and tough on crime.
    At least blue collar crime,…..


  8. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    It’s really hard to take serious what a former game show host says . Stein should take a seat next to the Donald.


  9. People have sent me articles attributed to Ben Stein in the past and I’ve thought, “that man’s crazy!”

    Heard about this latest diatribe yesterday and thought, “that man is even crazier!”

    Sheesh! Oh, to convert all that useless hot air into usable energy!


  10. Since brucetheeconomist called Ben Stein a failed economist, I decided to see how stupid or smart Mr. Stein is on economics . I found a column he wrote in January 2008 on what the Federal Reserve was doing at that time . This is pre melt down time for the economy .

    Whether you agree with all of his points or not , I think that later events show that this man knew what he was talking about .


  11. Actually the post called him failed. He has a background in economics I’m sure given who his dad was, but I think he is educated as a lawyer. Herbert Stein was his father and an economist under President Nixon. He (Herbert) was part of the imposition of wage and price controls, and that policy could be called failed. I’d give Reagan credit for taming inflation in the 80’s


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