Was Obama born? Did Osama die?

That Obama birth certificate almost shut down the party – but thankfully here’s  a-just-in-time replacement.  Party on.

One in five American voters believe Osama bin Laden still alive

Now comes word from noted pollster John Zogby that while an overwhelming majority buys the administration’s account, a surprising almost one-in-five likely American voters believes the Al Qaeda founder is not dead at all, nor buried at sea, as Obama officials have stated.

Here we go again.

6 responses to “Was Obama born? Did Osama die?

  1. Its never going to end.


  2. At least we’re entertained.


  3. My dad sent me an email yesterday that maintains that Kenya was a nation in 1961, so where the BC refers to this has to be wrong and the BC is fraudulent. The BC will never go away for many people.


    • Sadly it won’t. There has always been a segment of the electorate who resemble today’s ‘birthers’ and had hteir own conspiracy theories. But I don’t think their numbers have ever been as high. And personally, I think it’s simply a matter of they simply don’t like a black man in the White House.


  4. I’m inclined to agree with you Moe honestly. At the least a lot of people are afraid of a black man in the white house. These people don’t hate other races, but they’re scared of them. I don’t think its helpful to say it a lot though. People will vehemently deny it I find.

    In fact, how can I know really? I tend to think that really I don’t know your motives for supporting some policy or idea, or politician. Motives are complex and often maybe not the most admirable (including people on the left and right). That said I think it makes sense to mostly discuss what they say they support and what its effects will be motives. I generally try not to speculate on motives.


    • bruce, I think ‘racism’ as we htink of it is deeper than black/white. There’s a primitve human instinct to be wary of, not to trust ‘the other’. Meaning anyone who is not of your own tribe. Or different in some way. While most of western civilization is the history of trying to direct our insticts toward more positive things, we’re still susceptible. So when a person or a group (the Klan, white supremecists, some of talk radio etc) tries to excite that old time ‘fear of the other’, we get what we have right now – millions who beleive thier president is a fake – all because he is ‘the other’ and that’s disturbing to them.


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