Guess who’s gonna be the candidate

From The Hill:
Romney: One-day money haul brings in over $10 million

13 responses to “Guess who’s gonna be the candidate

  1. If Mitch Daniels does not declare soon, I fear you may be right.


  2. Good luck to him. He’s got the Massachusetts Health Care Reform bulls eye stamped right on his forward.


  3. Romney: One-day money haul brings in over $10 million

    He has all the money he needs without it. He’ll have to do a better job of explaining Romneycare to get the nod though.

    I’m still lighting a candle that CC runs.


    • The primaries of course are his challenge – he’s not real popular with the base. But he’d do well in a general election.

      I think he should brag about Romenycare – it’s got its problems but it’s miles better than what’s out there in most States. VT just passed single payer so they’ll be doing the most cost efficient job soon, but . . .


      • My very liberal in-laws complain incessantly about it. Healthcare costs now consume something on the order of 30% of MA’s budget.

        Romney will never get the Romneycare Albatross off his back. He doesn’t stand a chance.


  4. Over at the Dog everyone kinda has a hands off thing for Romeny because of his religion and Mass Healthcare…..

    The fact I point out….
    Romney IS the frontrunner with Huckabee gone….


  5. I think Mitch Daniels is very easy to dislike, Moe. He was the one who called for a “truce” on social issues, only to turn around and sign the bill to completely defund Planned Parenthood in his state. The only governor, so far, to do so. Why? Only because the truce thing came back to bite him on the ass and he had to prove he was a true Conservative by taking away health services for women. Planned Parenthood doesn’t get any government funding that can be used for abortion, but the GOP has used them as scapegoats in their war on women’s rights.

    Plus, he looks like Calvin Coolidge.


  6. Ms. Holland ,

    ” I think he should brag about Romenycare – it’s got its problems but it’s miles better than what’s out there in most States. ”

    Even Romney concedes it was a mistake . He’ll say that it changed from what he intended, but he is definitely not bragging about it . Nothing succeeds like success . If Romney-Care was not bad he would tout it .

    Kinda like Obama-Care . If it was any good President Obama would not have to give out all of those exemptions. What was the latest. Lets see, I can’t remember. Oh yes, nursing homes want an exemption cause Mediscare and Medicaid don’t pay enough that they can offer healthcare .

    I wonder if after going after big oil , big insurance, big banks, and greedy doctors , the greatest President in US history will finally go after the big greedy nursing homes . Screw em . Make em give the underpaid, oppressed health care workers,,,,,health care.

    Wait that will put them out of business . Grandma and grandpa will be out on the street . It doesn’t matter .


  7. If he can wiggle out of healthcare albatross, he may win the nomination by default. But I have a difficult time seeing the far right buying in.


  8. If Romeny doesn’t emerge as the candidate the GOP is going to have a very very bad time in the general election. They could splinter and compete with each other, splitting the Independants as well. Wtih Romney, they could probably hold the party together. I myself don’t like the guy – I think he’s squirrely. But he’s not crazy.

    Texas – I am sadly aware of Daniels’ betrayals and shortcomings. As bad as the PP thing was (and that’s a big issue with me) he’s a grownup. When I say I like him, it’s in comparison to the rest of the field and in terms of who I can visulize in the White House – as unlikely as that is. (And, yeah, he does look like Coolidge!) But I have a lot of respect for you so I should look a little deeper into Mr. Daniels.


  9. If money were the ONLY thing that mattered Romney will be elected.
    However the Christian right wing of the Rebuplican party will never support
    a Morman Bishop. Romney Care or no Romney care


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