Has Mitch McConnell ever smiled? Anyone? Ever?

My god, he really does look like a turtle!

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was just on The News Hour where Jim Lehrer always asks informed and serious questions which  McConnell answered like he was on Morning Joe. He was as squirrely as can be and wouldn’t even “reveal”  whether he was one of those Congressional leaders who were shown the bin Laden death photos. Only elvis knows why.

What caught my attention though was this phrasing: “President Obama’s request to raise the debt ceiling.” He said it half a dozen times.

Sounds like Frank Lutz is back on the job.

15 responses to “Has Mitch McConnell ever smiled? Anyone? Ever?

  1. Thank you! LOL and I needed it. Yes, turtle indeed.


  2. I thought it was nice of him to beat Jim to the punch in announcing his scaled-back role on the News Hour. What a jerk!!!


  3. Moe I heard that Q&A….

    Ole’ Mitt says The GOPer’s have worked with Reagan, Clinton and others to Balance the budgets in the pass…
    Learher, the ex-Marine , is trpping over himself to interject that in each case stated by McConnell there was cuts….AND…Tax increases….

    McConnell just dismisses this….


    • james, that was amazing. Lehrer at one point even said “WEll, Senator I was right there and I remember that tax cuts were part of it every time” and Mitch just jumped on him and simply said NO they weren’t. About four, five times until Lehrer finally – as the professional he is – moved on, chosing not to spend the interview arguing with a lying US Senator. It was a remarkable exchange.


    • james, that was amazing. When it came up, Lehrer said “WEll, Senator I was there and tax increases were always part of the package” and Mitch just jumped on him and said NO there weren’t. Lehrer tried a few more times, but McConnell just kept saying NO. So I guess the newsman he’d just complimented as being one of the best ever was WRONG. And Mitch was not going to let him finish that sentence again. It was quite remarkable to watch.


  4. Lehrer…sorry ….


  5. Every once in a while, Mitch seems OK. But it’s hard to get past the fact that he is so anti-gay, yet so … uhh … not … uhh … masculine …


  6. On McConnell …. can one say curmudgeon?


  7. I think he’s just a nasty peice of work.


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  9. It would be bad enough if he was just a laughable, completely a-sexual, entity, but he is above all a monster defending a monstrous ideology. That leads me to believe that he is hardly human at all. Who are the people who vote for such a creature? He, and they, must go – and fast – or they will destroy this country.


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