Balloon Juice Day here at Whatever Works

For those amongst you who aren’t savvy to the ways of the netroots, John Cole (again) put up a post this morning asking for funds to send a Balloon Juice contributor to Netroots Nation, the huge annual convention of lefty bloggers, politicians and other media types. But mostly bloggers.

So Cole wants to send someone and posts a ‘bleg’ (i.e., to beg on a blog) for financial support to make it happen. Here’s how it goes:

Hello all- we are going to hold a brief, brief fundraiser this morning to pay for Kay to hit Netroots Nation . . . This isn’t too expensive a trip:

Hotel expenses are 390- $130 a night.
Air fare is 450.
I figure 300 for expenses, food, and other things.
And then another 300 for registration. All in all, we are shooting for about 1440. So if you are interested in helping pay for the BJ rep, hit the paypal link.

UPDATE:  At $750 at 11 am. Almost halfway.

UPDATE: STOP. We are at $1600. No more donations needed unless you want them spent on liquor and cat treats.

It took an hour. Lucky Kay.

Seen here some of the young bloggers of the left at  the first Netroots Nation, including Cenk  Uygur and Sam Seder who have both moved into traditional media.

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