Reprise: Keep you cold Koch hands off . . .

The St. Pete Times not only ran the story today about the Koch Foundation buying veto power over the hiring of professors with a donation, but they addressed it editorially as well.

Koch Gift Too Costly for Florida State

Florida State University’s economics department needs to reconsider its relationship with billionaire Charles G. Koch, who pledged $1.5 million to the school as long as professors hired with the money hew to Koch’s Libertarian philosophy. The arrangement reeks of pandering and undermines academic freedom, the cornerstone of American higher education.

FSU of course agreed to this nonsense – and they did it for a very small endowment of $1.5 million, movie money for the Kochs. Bad decision and FSU should return the money, but of course they won’t.

7 responses to “Reprise: Keep you cold Koch hands off . . .

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  2. It is amazing that this isn’t somehow against the law. Perhaps the Kochs can make a grant to the court system to get veto power over the judiciary.

    A real bargain at $1.5 million. If you’re going whore, you might at least try to haggle. Rather than aspiring to “high-priced call girl,” FSU went straight for “crack whore.”


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