The Blaze?

That’s the name of Glenn Beck’s spicy seditious blog where gather all his acolytes so get alerts on what to be afraid of whenever they can’t catch the show.

Kind of a gay name, isn’t it?

23 responses to “The Blaze?

  1. Looks amusing.

    Maybe I’ll compulsively troll around on his blog and debunk his wild theories like I did when I used to debate conspiracy theorists.


  2. Why do you liberals use ” gay ” as a derogatory term top attack people you hate ?


    • “attack” “hate” Oh Alan, you see demons everywhere. And perhaps you’ll explailn what is “derogatory” about ‘gay’?

      Look for the humor. I try really hard for that.


      • Sadly, his ilk doesn’t know what humor is.
        He use to comment on my blog, and keep saying I hate this, that or whatever. There’s no rhyme or reason with this troll.


  3. On a serious note, the Ugandan Parliament may vote on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill tomorrow. As of today, the death penalty is still in the bill.


    • And there are members of the US Congress who have been working with that government to make the bill happen. I think Mike Pence is one of them – of course MIke Huckabee himself is a proud friend of the President of Uganda. And that crowd from “The Family” (Jeremy Scahill wrote a book about them) are involved too.


  4. The Blaze mostly seems to be recycled news stories, with long “Nobama” discussion threads attached. It’s a lot less exciting than I thought it would be….


  5. Ms. Holland ,

    ” And perhaps you’ll explailn what is “derogatory” about ‘gay’? ”

    I can explain it easily. Don used it to attack those he hated . Yes you guys hate . I mean he could have said ” Irish Whack Jobs ” or ” Danish Whack Jobs ” . I’m sure the Danish and the Irish would not be amused .

    The gay know who they are . Now if you say ” Stupid Whack Jobs ” you offend no one because stupid people don’t know they are stupid .


  6. I’m sure everyone has heard the famous and WILDLY incorrect quote: “The only thing to fear is fear itself”.

    The reality most people choose not to acknowledge is there is much to fear in the world, unspeakable evils, but to fight these evils, one needs to know they are there.

    Glenn Beck may dramatize these things (after all, that IS why he gets paid to tell us what is going on), but he hits the nail on the head with the reality most choose to ignore. How he hasn’t been silenced for revealing the numerous truths is still a mystery .


    • Welcome Paul: I think it’s all in what we mean when we say ‘fear’. Certainly the financial markets have absolutely said “The only thing to fear is fear itself”. They say over and over that it’s fear of instability that keeps them from investing or lending money.

      There are many things that need our attention and many things we need to address and even figtht, but first we have to de-fang fear, which is often unspecified and gets in the way of rational thought.

      Beck is interesting in that he throws in some genuine truths here and there, but mostly his gig is demonizing others and claiming conspiracy in the face of no evidence at all.

      Perhaps you remember when he did a show about the ‘communist’ bas relief scultures in the Rockerfeller Center buildings – and drew a parallell to MSNBC, which was located there!!! He failed to meniton FOX was located there as well.


    • “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” comes from FDR’s First Inaugural Address, and taken completely out of context, it may appear inaccurate. But in the depths of the Great Depression, with millions out of work and bank runs triggering hundreds of banks failures, it made a great deal of sense. The full quote is: “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”


    • Beck hasn’t been silenced because all he has is talk. He isn’t really confronting any hidden conspiracies, he creates them and creates the drama of a great conflict (“Which side are YOU on?”). I’ve listened to his show plenty of times. There isn’t anything there that a reasonable person would want to waste their time trying to silence.


      • The Becks have been with us throughout human history – and not only the ‘Chicken Little’ “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” types but the ones, like Beck, who bring a bit more to the party. They sow misinformation, ferment unease and then feed on it. Ugly stuff.


        • Yes, it is an inconvenient truth to be told the sky is falling or whatever the case may be, but the truth should cause extreme discomfort, not unease, when the threat is real. And those who are not prepared for the sky falling, will pay the price of the failure to prepare.

          It isn’t Glenn Beck lying to us or embellishing, its the POTUS and his fellow dhimmis that are lying to us. That speech the POTUS gave in on the border is an example. He lied so much that his nose crossed the border.


          • So it comes down to you believe the nonsense Beck spouts (and I did stipulate that he throws in some truths) and don’t beleive those who would say it’s nonsense. Fine. Exactly what version of ‘the sky is falling’ are you preparing for?

            And what lies did POTUS tell in the border speech.


  7. Ms. Holland ,

    ” They say over and over that it’s fear of instability that keeps them from investing or lending money. ”

    That’s a somewhat strange comment from you . I thought that you and our President both believed that investors and money lenders were to be attacked and demonized . Perhaps I am misinformed ?


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