On the road to Abbattabad

Friend Ed shares yet another inside look at the big day.

17 responses to “On the road to Abbattabad

  1. Brilliant. I love it!


  2. They took that shot while Stephen Colbert just happened to be in the restroom.


  3. OMG … that is such a hoot – and even no Newt. Thanks for sharing.


  4. So that’s how we got Osama!?


  5. I did. Thank God he didn’t do it any sooner!


  6. One of them looks like a zombie. Is there a spot where all the characters are identified???


    • I think you need to ask any geeky 22 year old guy. He’ll know for sure.


    • I think the zombie looking one is the Joker. I may be female and shy of 22, but I’ll take a stab at identifying them all. From left to right: (front row) The Flash, Captain America, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter. Next row from left to right: Spiderman, Batman, don’t know, the Joker, don’t know (maybe Catwoman?) and two more don’t knows. 😀 But those I knew are pretty popular, well-recognized figures. I couldn’t help but notice DC and Marvel characters are mixed. I guess it took a blending of universes to take down Osama.


  7. Flash looks a little past his prime .


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