Muslims and atheists and the father of our country

A few years ago I read Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton. It was a thrilling read, a page turner, genuinely exciting – I credited the author with that; now I know it was because Hamilton was exciting. Because I am now reading Chernow’s biography of, ahem, George Washington.

The young George Washington

Chernow’s account confirms what we’ve always known about George – he was no Alexander Hamilton. Washington was a singularly un-exciting person, as methodical in his days as a well wound clock. I’ve only gotten to 1860 1760 but I will stay with it – in the hope that things pick up around 1776.

Boring yes, but very principled – I doubt he’d make it in today’s political and media climate. I just came across this passage which would doom him were he to reappear amongst us for another shot at the top job.

 ” . . . the exemplary nature of Washington’s religious tolerance. He shuddered at the notion of exploiting religion for partisan purposes or showing favoritism for any religious denomination. . . . When he needed to hire a carpenter and a bricklayer for Mount Vernon, he stated that ‘if they are good workmen, they may be Mohamatens, Jews or Christians . . . even atheists.

6 responses to “Muslims and atheists and the father of our country

  1. Yep – that quote would doom him today …. and unfortunately so … but heads up on your 1760 (I presume) typo. 😉


  2. Often, the best statesmen and leaders are the most quiet and the most boring, but they also have strong resolve, work ethic, and strong principles. But, due to the celebrity nature of politics today, the competant quiet candidates often finish last and certainly after charismatic windbags who have no principles.

    Still, I would be a little cautious in studying literature about Washington. National heroes like him tend to have their legacies skewed to messianic levels due to their importance. This sounds right, but I would take any reports about history’s heroes of legend with a wee grain of salt.


  3. thank you Moe for the history lesson….


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