Where’s Hilary?

Via Digby, here’s what was printed in a newspaper of the conservative (nay, fundamentalist) Hasidic Jewish sect after the bin Laden capture. The paper does not publish pictures of women. (And they dealt with Golda Meir how?)

And here’s the picture seen in the rest of the world.

Many orthodox non-Hasidic Jewish women cover their hair, often wearing wigs perhaps  – as with my own experience below – to admit of submission.

As a young Catholic girl in church, I was required to wear head covering to, I assume, appear submissive.

Muslim women in many parts of the world are required to do the same and in ultra-orthordox societies to cover their faces and bodies as well. And we know that’s to show submission to their betters.

Religions – at least the monotheistic Abrahamic ones – don’t think much of the girls. Count me a feminist. And tell Mr.  Limbaugh of Palm Beach it isn’t over yet.

7 responses to “Where’s Hilary?

  1. I can’t help but notice that at least three things are gone in the newspaper version of the photo:

    Two women (Hill and a lady in the back); and
    what looks like a cat???

    What’s a cat doing there??? WTF!


    • Okay, that’s funny! I actually got the photos from Paul Krugman’s blog, and it looks like he’s been pawned! That’s got to be a photoshop cat.


  2. Just a clarification. Orthodox woman wear wigs, cover their arms and knees in public as a sign of modesty so only their husbands see them. Some think it’s romantic, others submission.


    • Given that these traditions seem to arise from a common history, I’d go with submission.

      I think it has to do with who makes the rules and what happens if she doens’t obey the rules. I can imagine if it were me I’d want to put a romantic patina on it. Feels more like free choice.

      When I was a kid, if a girl dared to walk into a church without the head covering, we were tossed out. Thus you’d see girls/women wearing their handkerchiefs or even Kleenex in a pinch. The lordjesus especially liked the Kleenex I think.


  3. The cat is still there on his blog! That’s really hilarious – the mastermind cat controlling the operation.

    But aside from that – this is probably not the type of attention Israel needs right now – even if the paper is based in Brooklyn.. some years ago no one would’ve noticed, but not it spreads like wildfire.


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