Let’s hear it for the blonds

On MSNBC right now, a pretty white female anchor with really long wavy blond hair is talking to another pretty white lady with long straight blond hair about another white lady with regular blond hair who is missing.

A white blond girl is missing! She’s pretty so we must put it on the teevee.

10 responses to “Let’s hear it for the blonds

  1. Okay, so I guess pretty blondes + pretty blondes = ratings?

    Since I’m an old bald fart, I wanna know sampan’ else.
    What’s up with all the young guys who have plenty of hair and shave their heads anyway? Some of them have some pretty ugly noggins. Now I could understand it if they had really good looking heads (like I do), BUT NO…..many have these funny shaped pointy-headed skulls.

    Let me guess. They are so cool that they own a Harley and think they look like bikers since they’re bald?


  2. And auto-correct sucks too.
    Above I wanted to say sumpin’ else, not SAMPAN. Sheesh.


    • Hey Kansas!
      In some bizarre way, baldness seems to have become a sign of virility. Even Bruce Willis shaves his head. I’m as puzzled as you are.


  3. I really don’t get why anyone with a full head of dark hair would SHAVE IT OFF?

    When their hair is no longer dark and full, they’ll likely have tired of the shaved head, but there will be no turning back.

    I think most older guys who go skinhead do it because they are starting to go bald and that hides it. Look at their 5:00 clock shadow up top carefully.

    NO SHADOW on top. What does that mean???


  4. On the blonds, was Natalie Holloway the most hyped of recent cases.

    She disappeared in the Caribbean somewhere I think. Her case still reappears on the discovery of some supposed clue.

    A terrible thing, but the week she disappeared, how many other not blond and quite as cute people disappeared and the media took virtually no notice.

    It sad, but likely inevitable, with our current tabloid style press.


  5. I like blondes!
    Happy Mother’s Day Moe! (assuming you’re a mom, if not, Happy Mother’s Day anyway!)


  6. You can tell it’s spring . Young blonds with hair to their waists in blue jean shorts. Puts me in such a good mood that I won’t tell the blond joke I just heard .


  7. Ms. Holland ,

    A stewardess asks a woman in first class for her ticket . The stewardess tells the woman that her ticket is for coach and she must move to the back of the plane . The woman proudly says, ” I’m blond, I’m beautiful, and I’m going to Florida ” . The stewardess gets the head stewardess to ask the woman to move and gets the same answer, ” I’m blond, I’m beautiful, and I’m going to Florida” . They tell the captain and he asks if she is a blond. When they say she is, he says, ” I know how to handle this” .

    The captain walks back to the woman and says something . She immediately gets up and goes to the back of the plane . The captain returns to the cockpit and the plane takes off . The stewardesses are going nuts . The go to the cockpit and ask the captain what he said to get the woman to move . And he says , ” I said ma’am first class does not go to Florida ” .


  8. Ok here’s a blond joke.

    What do you call 4 blonds in a freezer? Frosted flakes. 😉


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