Jobs, yeah, okay, sorta, but it took George W to kill bin Laden

If you can’t read it:



That’ low point in the middle, the one that marks the change from JOBS LOST to JOBS GAINED? That’s January 2009 when the stimulus began.

h/t mac at Talk and Politics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

14 responses to “Jobs, yeah, okay, sorta, but it took George W to kill bin Laden

  1. Arrghh!!

    Moe, you scooped me!

    I was writing on this today.

    No worries, I was going to publish to show the “other half” of the chart anyway…

    Stay tuned…



  2. He, he, he….I did one on this also….But I was critical…..

    Everytime I go to put gas in my vehicle I get mad at all this growth BS……


  3. Sorry this is taking me so long.

    Uploading charts to WordPress can be inefficient…

    …plus, I am still creating the charts as well….;-)


    • Gives me time to go subscribe so I don’t miss the post (unless I already am.)


      • BTW I linked to your site in my post because I thought you might benefit from the traffic I get from unemployment-related posts (even though you have a heck of a lot more page views than I do). 😉

        The last one went viral because various bloggers were using the data to argue for and against Obama’s policies. Basically, that single post generated nearly 1,000 page views in less than a month.

        Hopefully, we both benefit from this one. 😉


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  5. He, he, he…..Now Moe……?


  6. Just as TARP (which I think was one of President Bush’s best moves) prevented an absolute credit collapse (and ultimately made the government money), the stimulus was necessary to push us into growth. Even then, the recession was so severe that its been slower than expected. The chart shows the recession is running its course.

    I find it interesting to compare the last President to face a situation like that Obama has inherited: Ronald Reagan. Like Obama, Reagan stimulated the economy (debt went from 30% of GDP when he took office to near 60% when he left — a dramatic increase in debt), but unlike Obama so far that was augmented by falling oil prices. Obama can’t copy that formula because that’s what put us on an unsustainable path. Also, I don’t expect oil prices to drop dramatically. So I think that while we’re pulling out of the recession, it won’t be a return to the bubble days of below 4% unemployment and rapid growth.


    • I agree Scott – don’t think we’ll see numbers like 4% again any time soon. Oil of course can go anywhere – don’t think we’ll see those prices go down much either. Some of these changes are the new reality I fear.


  7. Scott ,

    There are a world of differences between Obama and Reagan . First Reagan was fighting inflation. Which everyone here conveniently forgets . Always they forget that . Second Reagan believed in returning money to the private economy without strings . Third Reagan believed in drill baby drill . They just did not call it that . Fourth Reagan did not have a cheer leading press up his butt. Fifth Reagan did not believe in class warfare . Sixth Reagan did not bash American Companies every other day .


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