New York, New York!

“It’s a wonderful town!” Ant it’s my home town.

These are the people 9/11 happened to. They were there. And they know that chants and cheerleading don’t make a hoot of difference in a compex world.

2 responses to “New York, New York!

  1. Ms. Holland ,

    I kinda would like to know more about the circumstance of this video . I think that someone shooting the video has a bias as to how it came out . If you were hoping for a positive response and this happened, you might delete the video . Since it was not deleted it makes me think this was the desired effect . And of course you being a New Yorker, you know better than me, but I question whether millions of New Yorkers like this group on a subway being a representative sample of themselves .


    • Oh Alan, you are so sure everyone has an agenda. You could have watched the video at the original site at youtube and you’d have seen that there were a number of videos – one called USA CHANT: FAIL (the subway) and one called USA CHANT: WIN, which is downtown by Ground Zero. I used the subway one because it is quintessential New York – they’ve seen everything, absolutely nothing can surprise them, and nothing gets them excited except maybe a World Series in town.

      The people on that subway are the New Yorkers I know and love.

      All this guy’s videos are here and you can see the WIN one there as well. No agenda.


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