God’s will and all that

When those tornadoes devastated the American South, I wondered  where Pat Robertson had been and why his prayers didn’t stop the tornadoes. Like he can usually do . . . 

He credited his prayers for steering the course of Hurricane Gloria in 1985, which caused billions of dollars of destruction in many states along the U.S. east coast. He made a similar claim about another destructive storm, Hurricane Felix, in 1995.[3]

Well here’s our answer – this is why his God went after Tuscaloosa.

ROBERTSON: And I believe that the anointing of the Lord has been here to fulfill the desire of those early settlers, to take the gospel from America throughout the world, and that’s what we’ve been here to do. But let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t take a great scholar to tell you the United States has lost its moorings.

When you think that courts have denied children the right to pray in schools, that there’s a vendetta against religious belief, that now homosexuality has been made a constitutional right, that abortion has been made a constitutional right, the courts and judges have trampled on the early origins of our nation, they have distorted the meaning of the First Amendment. It’s all been done, and we’ve let it happen.

But I was reading today about a place called Sodom and Gomorrah, and a man named Abraham stood before God, and he says, “God, there’re righteous people in that city, would you kill them along with the wicked, must not the judge of all the earth do right?” And God finally promised, “If I can find ten righteous in that city, I will spare it,” just ten. Well the time came he could only find six, so they destroyed Sodom and Gomorra. But there’re many righteous here in America, and we need to band together and pray that God Almighty will spare this great land and reestablish in our hearts the vision of the pioneers.

Sherry noticed too. As usual, she notices a lot of stuff. I think I need to get up earlier – else she scoops me every time!

h/t Crooks and Liars

13 responses to “God’s will and all that

  1. Pat Robertson is a very clueless and very senile old toad with a very big mouth.

    I wish he would shut up.


  2. True to form – he speakith – I shaketh thy head.


  3. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    He must goeth and, hey, why are we lisping?


  4. That man makes me cringe! I think he also had much to say about New Orleans folks deserving Katrina’s wrath.

    I had to think carefully about how to word that because I don’t know the past tense of “smite.”


  5. People like Pat Robertson almost make me wish there really were a hell. Almost.


  6. Being the first to comment on this post, still seeing numerous comments in old English brings a smile.


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