Students need projects

And an enterprising group at Hamilton College undertook to look at how our public prognosticators are doing with their predictions.

. . . analyzed the predicts of 26 pundits — including Sunday morning TV talkers — and used a scale of 1 to 5 to rate their accuracy. After Paul Krugman, the most accurate pundits were Maureen Dowd, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “The Bad” list includes Thomas Friedman, Clarence Page, and Bob Herbert..

It’s cool that Krugman was rated most accurate. They rated syndicated columnist Cal Thomas the least accurate.

As for the ‘bad’ list, I really admire Page and Herbert and am disappointed to see them there. But Thomas Friedman? Delicious! Durng the Iraq War he opined for a few years that ‘the next six months’ would resolve matters one way or the other. And he said it over and over and over for so long that a period of six months came to be known as “a Freindman unit” or just ‘an FU”.

But this has to be my favorite line from the story.

Finally, those prognosticators with a law degree were more likely to be wrong.

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